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Unexplained noises would leave her cowering under the sheets.

Welsh born beauty Catherine Zeta Jones now shares her home with her Hollywood husband Michael Douglas and their son Dylan. Together they now enjoy the luxury of more than one home, with properties in both America and on the Algarve. However a few years ago, before she was propelled into international stardom, she used to share her home with quite a different companion altogether. The 31-year-old star of Traffic used to live in a four bedroomed house near her parent’s home in Wales. At night however, she would regularly hear unexplained noises coming from inside the house, leaving her cowering under her sheets. Many reasons were given for these occurrences but none satisfied Catherine. “ I kept hearing these weird noises. It definitely got to me” she says. Being a confident, determined character Catherine was certainly not going to let this get the better of her. Instead of just moving home and in the name of a decent night’s sleep, she decided to call in the cavalry! Catherine called on her two brothers David and Lyndon, who moved into the home to keep her company!

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