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The Tower is the sixteenth card of the Major Arcana.

This card represents upheaval, disruption, unavoidable change, catastrophe and changes in behaviour, but believe it or not the eventual outcome is for the better.

It can mean a house move, a physical accident, a break-up of a relationship or arguments either within the family or in a work-place situation leading to a parting. Although this would seem to be a very negative card, it can be very positive as it clears away and makes room for change in one's life. It is a test to one's strength of character.

This card in a relationship situation represents that you have most probably received a shock with regard to your partner and love life. It will make you look at the relationship in a new light. It will help you make the decision whether to end the relationship or, if you think it's worth saving, it will give you the strength to fight for what you believe in.

The key word for this card is REVELATION.

Positive interpretations for this card are :

  • Upheaval
  • Change
  • Liberation
  • Awareness

Negative meanings for this card are :

  • Crisis
  • Mistakes
  • Doubt
  • Break-Up

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