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The World is the twenty-first card of the Major Arcana.

This card represents knowledge, fulfilment, completion and success. It signifies achievement at each and every turn. Total happiness and perfect joy are the feelings that are associated with this card. It can also give one a feeling of elation and a sense of pride. It shows a generous, kind and loving nature.

It is a card that indicates fresh beginnings and opportunities with high aspirations and noble motivations. It also represents total satisfaction and absolute success.

This card in a relationship situation represents complete emotional, sexual and liberated fulfilment. The experience of sex at this level is bordering on the mystical, which in turn leads to enlightenment.

The key word for this card is SUCCESS.

Positive interpretations for this card are :

  • Success
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Fulfilment
  • Satisfaction
  • Achievement
  • Knowledge

Negative meanings for this card are :

  • Sacrifice
  • Dependency
  • Excessiveness
  • Imperfection

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