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Seventh Card of the Tarot

The eighth card of the Tarot (some Tarot card decks interchange Strength as the eighth card)

The Justice Card symbolizes justness, fairness and balance. It could possibly mean dealing with legal matters, such as business contracts, marriage, divorce or criminal law.

It is an excellent card for joint ventures and partnerships. Wherever a judgement has to be made, it will be made fairly.

It can sometimes imply the need to find a balance between contradictory factors which are at stake.

In a relationship, this card could be interpreted as being unfairly treated, and that one is striving for equality. Usually, if this card is upright, the outcome will be favourable.

The Justice card deals with situations where a balance has to be found.

The eighth card of the Major Arcana represents compromise, resolve, stability and balance.

The key word for this card is Justice.

Positive interpretations for this card are :

  • Balance
  • Judgement
  • Honesty
  • Truth
  • Discipline
  • Partnership

Negative meanings for this card are :

  • Intolerance
  • Indecision
  • Injustice
  • Error
  • Divorce

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