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TAUREAN MEN can be so saucy! You should never stand too near a Taurus man on a crowded bus or train, because he'll probably have an uncontrollable urge to pinch your bum. Taureans have a very strong sense of humour, but it tends towards slapstick, with lots of custard pies and banana skins thrown in for good measure. (Anything that features food is fine for these fellows.) These Bulls can be a barrel of belly laughs (sometimes literally, if they've overdone the food and drink), and they always remind me of Shakespeare's Palstaff, bawdy and so. so Bullish.

Trust and loyalty are priorities for the uncomplicated Taurean male, who will expect to find these qualities in everyone he knows, from the window cleaner to his wife. In spite of (or because of) that, Bulls can be manipulated very easily by a clever woman. The Taurean is the sort of man who will happily marry his secretary, or his housekeeper. (Whoever she is, she'll know a good thing when she sees it.) He needs a wife or partner who can cook well (this is of prime importance to any Taurean man worth his salt), and keep the house running smoothly. It's not that he wants to show off, because he couldn't care less about what his chums think, but he does need to know that when he brings them home. the place will be cosy, a meal of meaty magnificence will be waiting, and his wife will be welcoming in the lads.

Unlike some of the other signs, he won't pick his partner principally for prettiness. Being ruled by Venus, he's not going to go for someone who cracks mirrors just by looking at them, but he will usually fall more for the figure than the face, especially if it's one that goes in and out in all the right places. He likes women to be curvaceous rather than emaciated.

Both male and female Bulls need time to adapt to change, and therefore to any new situation that may arise. So, the longer a love-affair goes on for these sensual subjects, the deeper and deeper it gets. until it makes Loch Ness look like a puddle! And the deeper it becomes, the more difficult it will be for the Taurean to climb out of it, should he ever want to. The more negative Bulls will cling on to an affair long after it should have ended.

As my fellow astrologer, Liz Greene, has said. for every year that a Taurean is in a relationship, they will need seven to sever it: it can be a real wrench for a Taurean male to cut the ties. To make matters worse, the longer the relationship lasts, the more the negative Bull will feel he owns his partner. He will forget that she is a woman in her own right, and just think of her as part of the furniture, and a piece he has paid for. He will think of his living, breathing amour as an inanimate object. So much so. that if he has a vestige of Virgo in his chart, she may wake up one morning and find herself being covered with best beeswax. He'll have forgotten she's a damsel and decided she's the dining-room table instead!

On a positive note, though, the Taurean man can be gloriously generous, willing to give you his last crust of bread (probably smothered in strawberry jam), or the shirt off his back (and it will be soft and silky to the touch). I would always invite a male Bull to a party, because he will be one long laugh, and will always bring something with him. Taurean men really are very generous creatures (though that stops when you grab their girls), but will be mostly so with material goods, not money. But the more 'well-hoofed' ones will be bounteous with their boodle as well as their booze.

The negative Taurean man can be cripplingly jealous and possessive. If his partner pops out unexpectedly, or is five minutes late home, he'll demand to know where she's been, imagining all sorts of sultry scenes. But it's all part and parcel of his ceaseless search for security.

Taureans of both sexes draw attention to their necks (which is the bit of the body ruled by the Bull), and they all tend to be thickset round the throat and often everywhere

else as well! Some male Bulls can be very bulky indeed, but nearly all of them will be attractive with it, thanks to their ruler, Venus. Some of them will be skinny, of course, but even those will have the distinctive Taurean broad shoulders and straight backs.

Male Bulls tend to have dark curly hair, expressive dark brown eyes and slightly sallow skins. And it's a strange thing, but a lot of them have an unruly lock of hair that always flops on to their foreheads. The well-known personality, David Icke, has a typically Taurean face, especially since it's topped with that curly hair.

Taurean men can be wonderful once you've got them going, but arousing their interest can be a laborious business. The Bull will take a lung time to make up his mind about you. but once he has, it'll be like bonfire night! The trouble is that you may have difficulties in getting him to calm down again. (Fancy stopping a Bull in full charge? No, I didn't think so!)

If the male Bull falls in love with you, I should send all your pals postcards, telling them you won't be seeing them for a while. You'll be far too busy, and it won't be just for a week or two, either. When this man finally decides that you're the one, he doesn't mess around. Don't look to him for a quick fling, if that's all you want. The Bull means business. However, try to get rid of the more persistent Taurean man once you've gone off the boil, and you may find it impossible. That's when the Bull can become a bore.

Taurean men are full of ardour, but their passion takes a long time to build. The same goes for their temper, which you will only see once in a blue moon, if you're lucky. Unlike Aries, who will huff and puff and blow your house down. Taureans will huff and puff slowly over a year, and when they finally blow your house down they'll take the whole street with it!

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