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Carole from Bradford asks about work and home
Q: Capricorn Carole from Bradford asks whether she will be continuing in the same job and whether she and her husband will be moving house in the future..?

A: Hi Carole, I feel the reason you are asking these questions is because you sense you are going through an important time of change and transformation. You've already seen some changes and you know that more are on the way. You have a strong sense of purpose at this time with Pluto close to your natal Sun. Your mind is fixed on long-term goals and you're looking for confirmation that you're on the right track. As a Capricorn you are ambitious and you take your work very seriously. This has helped you move up the ladder of success. Your job gives you a sense of purpose and it is likely that if you remain in the same place, it will be in a leadership role. 2017 will bring a number of reasons for family celebrations and a house move could well be on the cards. Search for a place in a friendly neighbourhood as with Mercury and Venus in Aquarius you will enjoy getting involved in community activities.

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