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Annette from South Wales asks about her finances..
Q: Hi Russell, when will my money situation improve.?

A: Sagittarius Annette from South Wales asks when her money situation will improve again. For all Sagittarians, Pluto has been retrograde in their income sector between the end of May and the start of October. Finances may have been uncertain and a series of hardships will have made it feel, at times, as if the rug has been pulled from under their feet. Now that Pluto has turned direct, big changes are ahead and finances are on an upswing. Although Annette is not a materialistic person, having a reliable source of income will restore her sense of security. She will also find that once her financial situation starts to improve and she isn't worrying so much about overdrafts, loans and having to rob Peter to pay Paul, she will be able to focus on things that are important to her. Spending more time on hobbies, creative projects and being able to get out more will lift her spirits. It will be important for her to be proactive about money in 2018 and finding ways to make her income work for her will feel empowering.

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