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You are having second thoughts about a decision recently made but think of the kind of reaction you will get before telling others how you feel. Persevere. If you give up too easily, you canít expect to get any further forward and you will feel as if you have achieved nothing.

Aries line : 0906 616 7457

Taurus line : 0906 616 7458

Some items you have to buy will be more expensive than expected. This could mean postponing social plans, unfortunately. Youíre trying to be serious but some friends who always look on the bright side know how to keep you laughing.

Gemini line : 0906 616 7459

Cancer line : 0906 616 7460

Finances are improving and this is all due to your past careful planning. Any sacrifices you made will now feel worth it. The health of a close friend or relative might be on your mind and you wonít mind changing your own plans to help them.

Leo line : 0906 616 7461

Virgo line : 0906 616 7462

Whether you are married or single, you canít help but enjoy the romantic trends that surrounds you. A new friend or partner will inspire you to try something new. You are suddenly keen to join in activities that have never excited you before.
Libra line : 0906 616 7463 Scorpio line : 0906 616 7464
If there are things going on at home or in your workplace that other people have been hiding, soon you will find out exactly the reason why. Someone who is new to the workplace wants to show what they can do. It wonít harm you to take a back seat for a short while.
Sagittarius : 0906 616 7465 Capricorn line : 0906 616 7466
You want to discover more after hearing of an amazing opportunity. Will it be too good to be true? Your partner is unusually sullen. This is a temporary troubled phase and they just want to sort their problems out alone.
Aquarius line : 0906 616 7467 Pisces line : 0906 616 7468

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