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Russell Grant's Daily Horoscopes for Friday 13th October 2017

When assembling a team, surround yourself with people who are more accomplished and knowledgeable. Although you'll feel out of your depth at times, this feeling won't last for long. The team will be happy to explain complicated concepts and demonstrate complicated skills. Being receptive to educated people is smart. It allows you to get hands on training from those who have impressive track records. This open-minded attitude also earns the respect of those who are eager to share their expertise.

3 Month Forecast

Delivered: Instantly online and by email
User rating:
Number of pages: 10-15 pages
Price: 14.95

This report is great for those of you want a more detailed look at how the planets will affect you personally, this report will cast your forecast for a 90 day period you select. You'll be given all the information about how the planets are moving through your natal horoscope. This takes in to account all your planetary positions and not just your sun sign that you'd read in the press/internet etc.


Longer or shorter Forecast periods are also available:
Special Day Forecast | 7 Day Forecast | 1 Month Forecast | 3 Month Forecast | 6 Month Forecast | 12 Month Forecast

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