Weekly Womens Horoscopes
You enter an exciting new cycle. You might feel drawn to boost your life or work through new interests and hobbies, workshops and group activities. Leadership roles will bring you more success.   It would be a shame to waste all this positive energy on mundane tasks. Aim to keep an eye open for exciting opportunities.

Aries line : 0905 062 3919


Taurus line : 0905 062 3919

This is a time of choices and decisions. The right choice will bring you happiness. Travel, education or new career moves could bring great rewards your way.   If family matters have had you tearing your hair out, you’ll be better able to deal with these successfully during the first half of the week.
Gemini line : 0905 062 3919
  Cancer line : 0905 062 3919
You are faced with a difficult choice. This will be one of those occasions when you must let your head rule, and not your heart.   You won’t think twice about accepting an offer when there’s every chance this is something you should never have received in the first place.
Leo line : 0905 062 3919
  Virgo line : 0905 062 3919
You admire an Aries friend for their energy and initiative. Remember that Librans can be just as determined as anyone else, once you get your teeth into something.   Someone tends to promise more than they can deliver and this won’t please you because you always try to keep your word.
Libra line : 0905 062 3919
  Scorpio line : 0905 062 3919
You have never stopped lately. People are demanding a lot from you. Archangel Haniel will help you find a better balance in your relationships. Make time for relaxation and add more peace, music and creativity in your routine now.   Changes are discussed in the family. Deep down inside you know these will bring improvements your way even though the idea is distasteful.
Sagittarius : 0905 062 3919
  Capricorn line : 0905 062 3919
A member of your family is starting to expect more and more from you. Domestic affairs somehow interfere with your social interests.   If you’re in the middle of a lengthy legal transaction, you should keep up to date with all that is going on.
Aquarius line : 0905 062 3919
  Pisces line : 0905 062 3919

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