Weekly Womens Horoscopes
You have so much energy but take your time and accept that you can only do so much in a day.   A friend might be thinking about getting a pet and may want your help in finding the right one.

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Taurus line : 0905 062 3919

If every day seems to be the same and life is getting too predictable find a way to add spice to your life.   There is something you will need to ask of a loved-one soon. This is a big favour so be sure to keep family relationships harmonious.
Gemini line : 0905 062 3919
  Cancer line : 0905 062 3919
Someone could do with your help but they will need to join a long queue. If youíve got enough to do of your own, turn them down gently.   You find it easier to put ideas into practice. People are starting to respect and appreciate your talents.
Leo line : 0905 062 3919
  Virgo line : 0905 062 3919
You might even be considering pulling out of some arrangements before they take too much of your time.   A short phone call might help give you some idea on how things are going if you are waiting to hear from someone. Or send them a polite text.
Libra line : 0905 062 3919
  Scorpio line : 0905 062 3919
Be mindful when someone asks for an opinion. They donít really want to know what you think. They want you to tell them what they want to hear.   An on-line petition will get your support and you might want to share this with as many friends as possible.
Sagittarius : 0905 062 3919
  Capricorn line : 0905 062 3919
If someone has the knowledge or experience to help you with your current aims be willing to learn from them.   A loved one is upset about something. Even if it is difficult to get some people to open up to you somehow you will succeed.
Aquarius line : 0905 062 3919
  Pisces line : 0905 062 3919

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