Weekly Womens Horoscopes
Youíre doing too much and working too hard. You need to relax more. The company of some cheerful friends should end the week on a sociable note.   Donít enter anything with your eyes closed. You need to have them wide open so you can look before you leap.

Aries line : 0905 062 3919


Taurus line : 0905 062 3919

A partnerís sullen mood will not really encourage you to open serious talks even though you know there are matters that need to be discussed.   You never seem to stop. There are so many demands coming your way. You will cope efficiently with unexpected responsibilities.
Gemini line : 0905 062 3919
  Cancer line : 0905 062 3919
Consider where your ego may be getting in the way of doing whatís necessary to move a relationship forward. Pride has no place in a love affair. Share.   Word questions and answers carefully or they could be misconstrued. Equally, you shouldnít trust first impressions as they arenít always reliable.
Leo line : 0905 062 3919
  Virgo line : 0905 062 3919
Meetings and interviews carried out this week can be stressful, no matter which side of the desk youíre sitting at. Itís important to have strategies that help keep tension at bay.   Changes are ahead. A number of areas are set to bring good fortune your way including career, friendships and private interests. Giving thanks for your blessings will cause them to multiply.
Libra line : 0905 062 3919
  Scorpio line : 0905 062 3919
You may be offered the chance of a new job, or you are thinking about applying for something different. Get ready to rise to a challenge.   The more co-operative those around you are and the more harmonious your environment, the more you will accomplish.
Sagittarius : 0905 062 3919
  Capricorn line : 0905 062 3919
Your natural charm will be helpful in a tense and difficult moment. An afternoon meeting will have pleasing consequences and you will be making important plans for the future.   You will sense it instantly when you are introduced to someone who is likely to play an important part of your life. Continue to take good care of your health.
Aquarius line : 0905 062 3919
  Pisces line : 0905 062 3919

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