Weekly Womens Horoscopes
A friend wants to discuss something they have overheard and you will sense instantly that they have picked something up wrongly.   After some muddles and confusion, all will be well in the end. Plan a tranquil weekend.

Aries line : 0905 062 3919


Taurus line : 0905 062 3919

If youíre working this week, keep to the sidelines. People arenít ready to hear your experimental ideas.   Keep your lips tightly sealed when a neighbour asks for your opinions. Thereís some sort of challenge in the air, so play it by ear.
Gemini line : 0905 062 3919
  Cancer line : 0905 062 3919
You are popular these days. Normally you love all the attention but currently, youíre unsure about how you feel about this. You could do with some time to yourself.   You probably canít remember when youíve been so busy but at the same time, you are having fun too. Work sometimes feels like pleasure.
Leo line : 0905 062 3919
  Virgo line : 0905 062 3919
You find it difficult to work with someone who is moody and uncooperative. A little diplomacy might help.   You are growing frustrated with a task that keeps going wrong. You will succeed in the end. Remember: practice makes perfect.
Libra line : 0905 062 3919
  Scorpio line : 0905 062 3919
Your energy and enthusiasm inspire others into action. At home and at work, others are glad to have you around.   The week begins quietly but a dramatic shift in influences sends everything into turmoil very quickly. Keep both feet planted on the ground.
Sagittarius : 0905 062 3919
  Capricorn line : 0905 062 3919
Currently you really could do with more independence. In your closest relationships youíre going to have to spell out these needs.   Accept all the social invitations coming your way. By the end of the week, you will have made some new friends.
Aquarius line : 0905 062 3919
  Pisces line : 0905 062 3919

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