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Weekly Womens Horoscopes
You had a number of plans for October that youíve not yet put into action. It is not too late to begin on them. Some jobs will be finished quite quickly.   You could make an enemy at work after a disagreement. Even so, it doesnít matter how loud the opposition becomes, you will not back down.

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You feel restless and even a little unsettled. Nothing seems to hold your attention for very long. If youíre bored with your job start looking for a more rewarding one.   A friend youíve known for years might try using emotional bribery to persuade you to do something they want you to do. Be discerning about the company you choose to keep.
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A good time for both family and social gatherings. Creative activities will generate excitement. Just watch your spending.   A friend is thinking about starting a new venture and they would like your support. What they are also hoping for is your expertise. You could end up with all the responsibility.
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Plans already made no longer inspire you - if they ever did. It is a week to be extra careful about what you say and do. Avoid taking on any further commitments.   Does change hold a degree of risk? You need to weigh up the pros and cons before taking action. Choose the most sensible option available.
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Itís not a time to take chances with anything to do with your closest relationships. Be sensitive to a relative who is experiencing health problems.   No matter how restless you might be, at least you are sensible enough not to act on impulse. Unfortunately, a friend will lose out by taking a foolish risk.
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You might start thinking of new professional directions. Embarking on a new career path will be tremendously rewarding.   You will feel most comfortable when dealing with things that come naturally to you. Travel is also a strong possibility. Take your best friend or partner with you as you will both enjoy a change of scene.
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