Weekly Womens Horoscopes
You might find a practical outlet for a creative hobby. This may also provide the chance to earn some extra cash.   People want to talk but do you want to listen? Anyone who tries to pass on malicious gossip should be kept at armís length.

Aries line : 0905 062 3919


Taurus line : 0905 062 3919

You donít have to go far to look for support. A friend is behind you completely in your effort to instigate a few changes.   If you find yourself in the middle of someone elseís arguments, be sure to stand aside. It just wonít be worth the hassle.
Gemini line : 0905 062 3919
  Cancer line : 0905 062 3919
A surprise offer is the chance ambitions Leos are looking for, to turn a long-term dream into reality.   A new job move could make you feel more positive and optimistic. This is a great time for new beginnings.
Leo line : 0905 062 3919
  Virgo line : 0905 062 3919
The chance to renew a previously broken relationship presents itself. If this is a romance, you may be hesitant but why? It could be better second time round.   Scorpio is a Fixed sign, but you need to be flexible in order to sort out a few private or financial problems this week.
Libra line : 0905 062 3919
  Scorpio line : 0905 062 3919
Thoughts are on your main ambitions. Business activities increase rapidly. You are determined to achieve a certain goal.   Romance and social affairs are your priority in your off-duty hours. Home affairs get little of your time, much to a housemateís surprise.
Sagittarius : 0905 062 3919
  Capricorn line : 0905 062 3919
Business matters could bring a degree of confusion but these will be settled swiftly if you keep a cool head.   In business you will find that meetings, appointments and conferences run smoothly. In romance, you are in tune with your partner.
Aquarius line : 0905 062 3919
  Pisces line : 0905 062 3919

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