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Tita Lau (30.07.88), Layla Manoochehri (01.03.86), Phoebe Lau (02.06.90), Marisa Billiterri (20.05.88)
Layla, with the Sun and Mercury in Pisces will be the most sensitive and impressionable in the group and may rely on the others to keep her positive and motivated. She has Mars in Sagittarius and this provides energy and passion when things are going fine but she might sulk and go off on her own when there are disagreements.
Phoebe has the Sun in Gemini, with Mercury and Venus in Taurus. She might alternate between digging in her heels and putting her all into whatever she takes on, to just wanting to walk away and give up altogether. She is driven to act and can be impulsive yet she can have a surprisingly practical and calming influence too. Equally as contrary is Marisa whose Sun is on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. Marisa will be charming and sociable but can get nervous and excitable. Being a member of Girlband will inspire her creativity; she loves debate and sharing ideas but she will find sudden fame a little scary and will need the most reassurance, emotionally within this group.
Tita has the Sun and Mercury in Leo and Mars in Aries. She has a dazzling personality and dreams of being in the spotlight. Tita is ambitious for Girlband but she wants to be the centre of attention and is ambitious for herself too. Should Girlband succeed, their time together may be short-lived as some will want to make it on their own. Are you like Girlband? Click here to get your very own personalised report of your potential now!

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