Personal Horoscope


Personal Horoscopes & Forecasts
Russell Grant brings his own special skills and interpretative powers to create for you, very special, unique and individually calculated computerised horoscopes, birth charts and Psychic Readings.

Instantly Displayed On Screen and Emailed
Choose from our popular range of Russell's Psychic reports. Instrumental in your life, delivering direction in every aspect ... Love, Romance, Friendships, Money, Career, and Potential.

Enlighten yourself with Russell's Natal Horoscope, or your relationship with a Compatibility Report. Horoscope forecasts are available, from a single day to a year all calculated using your own birth date, time and place!
Free BirthchartYour chance to have your very own birthchart wheel and introductory interpretation into your very own horoscope! The map of the planets, their influences on your life and how the planets make you what you are! Amazing, but true!
Numerology Reports & ProfilesYou and your numbers! See how the name you were given at birth dictates your destiny and your personality. Try your FREE numerology profile or a 30 day forecast -- you'll be amazed!
-   Free Numerology Profile
-   30 Day Forecast Report
Safe & Secure
Paying for your selected report is simple, safe and secure. Payments can be made using your credit or debit card, via your BT telephone bill, direct debit or if you prefer - you can post a cheque or postal order.

Travel & Relocation Reports
Astro Travel reports cast your birth horoscope over the World. If you're looking for the best places in the World to find love, money, or luck choose the Astro Locations report.

If you're thinking of relocating you can choose the Selected Places report which will give you a full analysis of how this place, or places (you can request up to 10) will affect you!

If you want the fuller picture request the Full Astro Travel report, giving you analysis of all the major cities in the World!

-   Astro Locations (best places for you)
-   Selected Places Analysis
-   Full Astro Travel Guide

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