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Russell's Art of Astrology - Best Seller

Ever wondered what the colours you choose say about you?
Go on a journey of self-discovery in Russell Grant's Art of Astrology colouring book for adults. Lose yourself by colouring in beautiful designs, based on the key signs of the Zodiac, their accompanying planets and mythological archetypes. Then read about the meaning behind your choice of colours and how they connect with your sun sign in Russell's amazing astrological colourscopes.
The ultimate horoscope from a leading writer on spirituality, this is a truly incredible guide to reading yourself and your sun sign, and at the same time an immersive and relaxing task that takes you out of this world.


You Can Change Your Life

In this ground-breaking book, Russell Grant reveals how each and every one of us has our own personal solar system, an arrangement of planets that is unique to us and is defined at birth. If we can learn how to tap into this, we will discover how to draw on these different aspects of our personalities to cope with the challenges we encounter every day of our lives. It is the planets, not the stars, that govern the way we behave. Understand how to work with them, and they could become our own personal inner circle of advisers and friends, counsellors and confidantes, motivating, inspiring and guiding us to change our lives for ever. Taking as his starting point our very own birth chart, Russell explains how to read the chart and how to spot where each of the planets lies. Using real life case histories, he reveals how the path of a life can be altered if the subjects could only be made more aware of their inner personalities. Blending astrology with psychology, this book is set to redefine the way we think about not just astrology but about ourselves.


Illustrated Dream Dictionary

Our unconscious world has the power to reveal our innermost secrets. Look up over 2,000 topics from A to Z, including people, events, places, and objects, and find out their actual meanings. Did you know that dreaming of ice cream means you'll soon enjoy major success, and that dreaming of eating dates predicts a marriage? Taking off your pants is a sign of an offbeat imagination. But if you throw them in the wash, then you'll be on your way to the start of a profitable project. Enjoy the entrancing illustrated borders and gorgeous, full-colour interpretations of common themes like "The Bride and Groom," "The Castle of Dreams," "Prince and Princess," and other fascinating subjects. Uncover the mysteries of the mind with the help of the most entertaining, colourful, and comprehensive Dream Dictionary ever.


Sun Signs Book

Unleash your hidden potential! See what makes the signs tick in Russell's "Your Sun Signs", sensational guide to love, sex, friendship, work money and more! Yours for only £2.99 inc UK P&P!


The Real Counties of Great Britain

Hardback edition of Russell's best selling book. £20.00 inc UK Postage & Packaging.


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