Future Predictions




I haven't got one of the best experiences ever told but it was good enough to convince me and my brother that there are guardian angels out there.

It all started when I had a argument with a family member. It was quite a severe one and I went storming upstairs to my bedroom. My brother was left downstairs in the back room on his own watching T.V. He was sitting there quietly, when all of a sudden a figure appeared in front of him. It was of a small build and was around the same height as me, but it looked like more of a boy than a girl. As quickly as it came, it vanished again and he got a sudden urge to see if I was O.K. At the time I was planning to take an overdose and the only thing that stopped me was the fact that my brother came to my room and spoke to me.

Two nights later, my brother came in late one night to see if I was sleeping O.K. as I occasionally sleep walk. I was fine but the same figure was floating over my bed above me, almost as if it was watching over me. I woke up the next morning without a care in the world and had a fantastic day!

A similar thing happened to a friend's mother who saw a Red Indian, in full headdress, stood outside her daughter's door. It looked and smiled and then just stood there. The funny thing was that her daughter had had a fascination with Red Indians almost from the day she was born.

Emma Wilkins

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