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A project that has taken a lot longer to complete than expected is finally over and done with. You have some great ideas and will gain support because you will prove how realistic they happen to be.

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Taurus line : 0906 616 7458

You want to put your own creative stamp on everything. Indeed, in many things you do, youíll be adding delightful touches that only you can think of! Plans to do some entertaining at home may be rearranged when someone you had invited needs to pull out due to health reasons.

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Splashing out on a few little luxuries will help cheer you up. You do love to treat yourself occasionally. Your enthusiasm for changes now being discussed does you credit. You see the sense in altering routines due to ever changing circumstance.

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Virgo line : 0906 616 7462

You may not be interested in projects begun now, but go along with the drift and you could be surprised to discover a new talent. Whispers reaching your ears suggest that you arenít the only one who feels apprehensive about certain matters. Know that you have people you can talk to.
Libra line : 0906 616 7463 Scorpio line : 0906 616 7464
It will be important not to look overly confident at a meeting or interview. A friendís advice may be a little out of line especially if itís about a health matter. You are ready to get down to business. New routines could bring much more satisfaction into your life when old ones arenít working anymore.
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An older relative needs some of your time and you will understand why they are feeling so anxious. Reassure them that they will always have your support. Someone will suggest new procedures to make it easier to conform with government guidelines. Give these some serious thought.
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