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Do you often wonder what your pet is thinking? Is your cat off her food or your dog looking glum? Misbehaving? We always wonder about our beloved pets, if they will accept another in the household, are they healthy and happy or simply shall I get another?

Now you can get those burning questions answered! You can send your questions to our very own Pet Psychic - who has worked with animals since childhood helping many owners.

In order for the Pet Psychic to focus in on your pet, the more information you can give about your pet - the better.  The breed and either the age/date of birth of your pet is most helpful - so too is colour, size, and of course their name!

Our Pet Psychic will try to answer your pet questions as quickly as possible; but please allow them 48hrs to respond.

Example Reading:

Hi there Mrs Smith - thank you for contacting us regarding your pet Phoebe. I am sensing an adorable little creature - King Charles spaniels are really the regal animals their name implies!

If I connect to Phoebe I am picking up a sense of jealousy & the desire for her to let you know she is not happy about something in her life. You say she is approx. 6 years old and I sense she may be suffering from a loss or sadness linked to having babies of her own to love & care for. She is at the right age to want companionship, & the maternal instinct is quite strong at that age. I feel she sulks as she sees the happiness in your life between you and your partner and it may be highlighting the feelings she wants to have and to have returned to her.

My suggestion to you is to make a big fuss of her for a few weeks - give her little treats, pamper her, praise her behaviour & tell her how wonderful she is - dogs respond more to tone of voice than the actual words, so a soothing tone will work wonders. The crucial factor though would be to buy her a cuddly toy, not too small, and introduce it gradually so she feels she has a part to play where it is concerned. She should soon begin to put her affections onto the new toy & this will enable her to have a possession of her own that she can link to & feel responsible for.

Phoebe's breed is well known for mischief & fun & I am also sensing you truly love her as she loves you, so allow her to move from a playful pup to a more mature adult dog, which is what she is doing right now. Once she can link to your concerns for her she should move on without looking back.

We all wish you a happy future with your wonderful Phoebe.

Chrissie. XX


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In order for the pet psychic to help you as much as possible in finding the answer to your question - please be as precise as possible when asking your question - this will enable the psychic not only to focus in on your pet  - it will allow them to answer your question fully. 


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Please provide your Name and the Birth date of your pet (if you know it); in order for our psychic to focus in on you and your pet - this information will be needed - together with your email address (please check this is correct - otherwise the Pet Psychic will not be able to get his answer to you).

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When you have checked all the information you have provided (especially your Email address) - click the button below to post your question to our Pet Psychic  and proceed to the secure online payment service to finalise your order.

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