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SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st
Functional and practical in everything they do, the Sagittarians are governed by Jupiter and often are the disciplined sports people amongst us. The marathon runners and the dedicated joggers will invariably be Sagittarian and they demand a bathroom to match their physical prowess. They may even go as far as making the spare room into a private gym with sun bed, exercise bicycle and the works. A haven dedicated to the health of the body beautiful.
If space dictates otherwise however, the bathroom might sport the occasional dumbell or at any rate look more like a superior changing room than a bathing boudoir. The blinds will be easy to clean and functional in plastic while surroundings will be plain and bare in white or grey based decor. Splashes of violets or purples will adorn towels, the walls or the bathroom suite. The Sagittarian bathroom must be an area to show off the supreme fitness of its occupant. That of course means that everything must be working properly and in its place. A shower is a must for a Sagittarian and an additional shower room in the home may also be installed at their insistence. A shower to a Sagittarian is more practical and saves valuable time that can be used up jogging etc. These days it's possible to have the bathroom of your dreams for relatively little cost. To Sagittarians a trouble free, efficient bathroom is essential to their life style of physical perfection - be practical and get your bathroom into shape, today.


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