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Daily Tarot Scope

Welcome to my Daily TarotScope service. Every day an Astro-Tarot card from my pack is drawn for your Birth Sign and positioned within one of the twelve possible House Positions.

You should use this reading to reflect on your life at the present time. The house positions denote a series of aspects in your life - such as Love, Romance, Money and Happiness.

ARIES (Mar21/Apr20):

Star in house position 4. The more outgoing and optimistic you are, the happier your home life will be. Not only will you feel better, but kith and kin will revel in your affectionate aura. A problem from the past may be resolved when you realise you've accepted it at last.

TAURUS (Apr21/May21 ):  

Hermit in house position 12. Don't worry if you've had some odd dreams lately - it's just your psyche trying to tell you there's more to life than meets the eye. Thinking deep thoughts will improve your knowledge of yourself, and heighten your perceptions and insights too.

GEMINI (May22/June21 ):

World in house position 8. Your libido's certainly on the rise at the moment, making you passion personified, but take care not to be selfish or too self-centred. Sort out any outstanding tax affairs for a rebate could be on the cards.

CANCER (June22/July23):

Ox in house position 3. Your mind may be working slowly now but once you've got going there'll be no stopping you from making your mark with an idea or suggestion. Even so, you should take things one day at a time and remember slowly but surely wins the race.

LEO (July24/Aug23):

Virgo in house position 10. Instead of being cross about the current state of your career, why not seek help from folk who can arouse your ambitions and encourage you into action? Find a profession that lets you use your head and communicate with others, and you'll go far.

VIRGO (Aug24/Sept23):

Snake in house position 1. You're being plagued by the green-eyed monster, but instead of being eaten up by feelings you can't control, why not channel that energy into your own pet projects? Bring out your bewitching charm, make the most of your allure, and you'll be riding high!

LIBRA (Sept23//Oct23):

Scorpio in house position 11. A very powerful friend is about to help you, especially if you don't know which way to turn in a future plan. This pal will pull hefty strings on your behalf. A Scorpio could be hell-bent on capturing your attention, but is it for good or ill?

SCORPIO (Oct24/Nov22):

Ascendant in house position 2. Using your glittering personality to the full will attract money like a magnet, for folk will be falling over themselves to help you fill the coffers. It's a terrific time for making investments, especially with the help of people in the know.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov23/Dec2l):

Pisces in house position 6. A visit to a hospital or doctor is needed either by you or someone you know. If your work involves being of service to others then it'll bring you great satisfaction now, as will any job that's glamorous or geared towards women and beauty.

CAPRICORN (Dec22/Jan20):

Saturn in house position 5. Amorous affairs are going through a testing and trying time, and your own sense of inadequacy will only make matters worse. On the other hand, any alliance that spans the generation gap will do well. An adopted or fostered child may figure in your life.

AQUARIUS (Jan21/Feb19):

Moon in house position 9. If you're planning a trip then be sure of the facts first, for things may not be as straightforward as they seem. If you've been led up the garden path lately then be philosophical, learn from your mistakes and trust your hunches in the future.

PISCES (Feb20/Mar20):

Sagittarius in house position 7. Freedom and independence are what you need from a relationship, so you'll long to escape if your partner's possessive or predatory. But if you give each other independence then your liaison will go from strength to strength.

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