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Daily Tarot Scope

Welcome to my Daily TarotScope service. Every day an Astro-Tarot card from my pack is drawn for your Birth Sign and positioned within one of the twelve possible House Positions.

You should use this reading to reflect on your life at the present time. The house positions denote a series of aspects in your life - such as Love, Romance, Money and Happiness.

ARIES (Mar21/Apr20):

Pisces in house position 9. Being near water fills you with pleasure now, but you might soon be crossing it for a very important reason that changes your whole life. Words of true love could come from overseas or maybe you're enthralled by spiritualist or religious teachings?

TAURUS (Apr21/May21 ):  

Magician in house position 11. Dare to be different! Now's the time to let your hair down, act unconventionally and forget about your usual code of conduct. Give your normal haunts a miss and try out an exciting new pub or club that'll introduce you to fresh faces and interests.

GEMINI (May22/June21 ):

Node in house position 12. It's a time of great psychic and spiritual awakening, when you'll be at your most sensitive and vulnerable. You're easy prey for self-inflicted worries and fears, but if you withstand such tests then happiness is yours. The answer lies within you.

CANCER (June22/July23):

Justice in house position 5. Feeling hard done by, ignored by loved ones or as though a creative concern's going nowhere fast? Then sit tight and do nowt, for all your problems are about to disappear, letting your personality and true talents shine through at long last!

LEO (July24/Aug23):

Taurus in house position 7. Beware of letting your heart rule your head, for that could lead to possessiveness or huffiness and ruin a perfectly good relationship. You're surrounded by folk who absolutely adore you, so don't upset them by getting the wrong end of the stick.

VIRGO (Aug24/Sept23):

Sagittarius in house position 2. Impulsive spending's on the agenda, for you're eager to splash out on little luxuries for yourself. Wins and windfalls could come your way, and you'll consider making a major purchase, but make sure you've got the boodle before you commit yourself.

LIBRA (Sept23//Oct23):

Capricorn in house position 6. Your health needs special care and attention, especially if you're suffering from a chronic illness or any ailment that curbs your mobility. If a job ends then see it as a new start to your life, or change your current work to something you really enjoy.

SCORPIO (Oct24/Nov22):

Rat in house position 1. You must be alert, acute and astute if you want personal plans to succeed. Outwit your rivals by keeping mum and playing your cards close to your chest. Refining your image and banishing any unattractive traits will help you to forge full steam ahead.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov23/Dec2l):

Fool in house position 10. If you're in a quandary over your career or have made some business blunders lately then this is when you must review and revise your aims and ambitions, then throw yourself back into the swing of things. After that, matters can only improve.

CAPRICORN (Dec22/Jan20):

Ace of Swords in house position 3. The more articulate, erudite and eloquent you are the more propitious your prospects, especially if you broadcast your ideas at meetings or interviews. Even so, you must be at your most disciplined and consistent to see things through to the end.

AQUARIUS (Jan21/Feb19):

Scorpio in house position 8. There will soon be a re-birth in your life, but first you must let go of the old you and prepare for this radical transformation. You could get involved in a sexual relationship that exerts a compulsive hold, no matter what you do to avoid it.

PISCES (Feb20/Mar20):

Star in house position 4. The more outgoing and optimistic you are, the happier your home life will be. Not only will you feel better, but kith and kin will revel in your affectionate aura. A problem from the past may be resolved when you realise you've accepted it at last.

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