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Zodiac Bathrooms

ARIES (Mar21/Apr20): As a go-ahead, dynamic Arian you have a very practical side to your nature. You have a place for everything and your natural powers of leadership and organisation make you good at entertaining in the home which, of course, is comfy and practical to live in.
Ruled by Mars, the ram chooses red based colours in decorations ranging from crimson and deep maroons to deep pinks and peaches. You are particularly fond of hand printed materials and something out of the ordinary to assert your independence - curtains perhaps or hand towels?
Your bathroom will be essentially practical with taps, showers and gadgets all working properly with lots of easily heated water. It will look warm too with one of those rosy hues on the walls or in the bathroom suite to give you a warm glow first thing in the morning.

TAURUS (Apr21/May21 ): Red based colours are literally red rags to the Taurus bull and a visit to a pink bathroom is likely to put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Taurus is misled by the cool goddess of love Venus, and so the blue and turquoise shades will appeal and if they're showy, so much the better. Bulls like to show off their hard earned cash so their homes are likely to be showpieces. Taurus is also the most sensuous sign so prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise when you visit the bathroom. A sunken bath is very likely, perhaps even a whirlpool. Sexy and expensive, Taurus will stretch the budget to afford as much outrageous luxury as possible. Wallow too in soft turquoise towels, smooth scented blue soaps, bubble baths and glass ornaments. Persevere with typical Taurean steadfastness for the bathroom of your choice. Start the day with a cool, blue view of life - and start it by luxuriating in your bathroom.

GEMINI (May22/June21): Born in the late Spring, your home will be full of the bright yellows and greeny yellows of daffodils and a host of Spring flowers. What's more you're bustin out all over too. Gemini people never have much time to spend on anything, they always want to be doing something else. Likely to be actors, journalists or connected to amateur dramatics or writing local newsletters, Geminis are ruled by Mercury and therefore have a quicksilver approach to life. There are two types of Geminis so their homes may appear to be quite different. It will either be very feminine and pretty or extremely practical almost to the point of being totally functional with little or no decoration.
Bathrooms are ideal places for being both very pretty or practical or preferably both with coloured ware with bathroom fittings to match. Lace curtains with yellow ribbon tie-backs, velvety embroidered towels, bowls of pot pourri and lashings of bubble bath or flip the coin. Perhaps smooth blinds with geometrically arranged sharp green and yellow towels and a minimum of ornament? Classic shapes with a touch of hi-tech functionalism? The choice is yours. There's a bathroom to suit whichever type of Gemini you are so that you can start off the day as busily as you mean it to continue.

CANCER (June22/July23):  Home loving Cancerians like luxury and comfort in their homes which is just as well as they like spending a lot of time in them. They'll buy the best possible, expensive items for their homes. A water sign, Cancerians choose pale water colour homes - palest pinks, silver, white and all the fabrics and textures which show off these colours best. A Cancerian bathroom is likely to be white or one of the very palest pastel shades that are rapidly becoming popular. Opal pink carpet in the bathroom with white brodderie anglais curtains and trimmed towels. Sliding cupboard doors with pristine white underwear stacked neatly within may be incorporated into the bathroom which will be a restful, pleasing place to while away a few momenta. For there will be a comfortable chair, perhaps even a chaise lounge with books and magazines to amuse. You can really go to town on luxury and comfort in a bathroom. Sparkling, clean white bathroom suites with the best quality chromium fittings are an excellent start to your scheme. Now add thick snowy white towels, silver balls in a glass jar, lashings of bath salts, powders and perhaps some old lace trimmings or memorabilia from the past, an antique mirror. As a Cancer you have an eye for the stylish and the best so enjoy it.

LEO (July24/Aug23): You're the King or the jungle and there's nothing shy or retiring about you. Born in the heat of the Summer, there's nothing you like better than basking in warmth of the sunshine.  In Britain however, you may have to compromise a little, so try basking in a bath of warm water instead. Leos are most likely of all the signs to choose a very large or double bath with lots of hot water filled to the brim. You are a big hearted person, warm and generous, you'll always be topping up with hot water.  What better place than a bathroom to make into your lair? Choose golds or oranges and don't forget the gold plated taps -an absolute must for a Leo. Dramatic swirling or large sunflower designs on wallpaper or even bold, curtain lined walls will suit you fine. Donıt forget lots of large gold coloured towels for lounging in royally - they'll probably end up on the floor. Why not add an exotic plant or two to remind you of your true place in life for your bathroom should be a source of luxury to you. Act out your fantasy in the bathroom - be the bold, warm lion that you really are.

VIRGO (Aug24/Sept23): Subtle, discreet and very private, the Virgoan is ruled by Mercury and likes a quiet, Orderly life. A Virgoan likes all shades of blue - from the light to the deep, particularly indigo with touches of gold or silver. Plain fabrics lined with complimentary colours would reflect the detailed studied approach which the Virgoan has to the home.
Essentially practical in a subdued way, the Virgoan bathroom may be fairly sparse with plain linen curtains, a small mirror and above all, extremely neat.  Neatness and cleanliness are essential to a Virgoan in the bathroom. There will be tissue dispensers everywhere and neatly arranged, functional items such as soaps and toothbrushes. Towels are crisp and precisely folded, symmetrically stacked. No clothes dropped haphazardly on the floor, no tubes of dripping toothpaste. Everything quietly ends tidily in its place.

LIBRA (Sept23/Oct23): Perhaps the most romantic sign of the Zodiac as a Libra you may find it difficult to make up your mind about how your bathroom should be. Pink or blue, it may take time to decide but the overall effect is bound to be pastel, luxurious and shown an appreciation of aesthetic balance and orderliness. Fluted edges to ceramic ware perhaps to keep up the romantic atmosphere inspired by your ruling planet, Venus. Tinted mirrors reflecting arrangements of nice things accessories with floral decorations.  Sophisticated in pastel with subdued floral touches, the Libran bathroom is restful and harmonious - an ideal place to relax and let the worries of the day float away ...

SCORPIO (Oct24/Nov22): Governed by Pluto, the Scorpio bathroom will be full of dramatic surprises. Sparkling metallic wallpapers and mirrors galore. Colours will be black, dark crimson, garnet, and the bath may well be capable of taking two. His and hers basins are also a Scorpion's delight.  Scorpions like their luxury and treat their bathrooms as nests into which they retreat. Scorpion women when depressed may often take two baths a day, such is the sign's affinity with water.
Make no mistake, a Scorpion bathroom will be most welcoming but also unusual, different and startling. It will however be bang up to date when itcomes to design and technology. Piping hot water and exotic ointments and lotions arranged neatly behind glass fronted cupboards.  Abstract velvet, or thick velour toweling curtains or rush blinds will adorn the windows. When choosing deep colours you will find exactly what you want. There are some forty different colours offered, from which to choose, and each manufacturer produces a guide of the colours they offer which they will send on request.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov23/Dec21): Functional and practical in everything they do, the Sagittarians are governed by Jupiter and often are the disciplined sports people amongst us. The marathon runners and the dedicated joggers will invariably be Sagittarian and they demand a bathroom to match their physical prowess. They may even go as far as making the spare room into a private gym with sun bed, exercise bicycle and the works. A haven dedicated to the health of the body beautiful.
If space dictates otherwise however, the bathroom might sport the occasional dumbell or at any rate look more like a superior changing room than a bathing boudoir.  The blinds will be easy to clean and functional in plastic while surroundings will be plain and bare in white or grey based decor. Splashes of violets or purples will adorn towels, the walls or the bathroom suite. The Sagittarian bathroom must be an area to show off the supreme fitness of its occupant.  That of course means that everything must be working properly and in its place. A shower is a must for a Sagittarian and an additional shower room in the home may also be installed at their insistence. A shower to a Sagittarian is more practical and saves valuable time that can be used up jogging etc.  These days it's possible to have the bathroom of your dreams for relatively little cost. To Sagittarians a trouble free, efficient bathroom is essential to their life style of physical perfection - be practical and get your bathroom into shape, today.

CAPRICORN (Dec22/Jan20):  Governed by Saturn, the Capricorn is likely to have a very practical bathroom but at the same time be inclined to put up with inefficient plumbing, so take a leaf out of the Sagittarian book and make an effort to get everything ship shape. Capricorns are normally not very ambitious and like neutral colours such as beiges, dark browns or nut brown. Avant garde Capricorns will venture into black but not in a dramatic way.  A Capricorn bathroom is likely to have a decorative theme so be prepared for a frieze of soldiers or old military or railway prints on the walls The comforting, knobbly texture of tweed is cost attractive to a Capricorn so why not incorporate the effect into wallpapers, carpets and accessories.
With the Capricorn love of nature and the outdoors, there is plenty of scope for offsetting those beiges and browns with the subtle hues of wild or dried flowers, some interesting shaped stones collected on country walks or even collections of tin soldiers.

AQUARIUS (Jan21/Feb19): Expect the unexpected in the Aquarian bathroom. Governed by Uranus, people with this star sign will always dream up something new - a paisley scarf draped around the basin, checks and stripes combined - whatever grabs them. The bathroom decor itself is likely to be quite plain and feature shades of green, particularly lime green.
While you're absorbing all these unexpected decorative effects, you'll probably not notice that the bathroom is so very untidy - an Aquarian trait. As an Aquarian you would like to discipline yourself a little in this respect, ensure that you have plenty of cupboards to accommodate the vast collection of rather large bottles which you are bound to accumulate. Fitted bathrooms are fast becoming fashionable so your luck is in.  Although Aquarians love the drama of the unexpected, burst pipes and cold water are not the turns of fate they have in mind - rather more the visual impact of a cavern full of surprises - pleasant ones.

PISCES (Feb20/Mar20): Bath time to the Piscean may well be the highlight of the day for the sign is controlled by Neptune whose affinity with water - large amounts of it is legendary. Dreamy water colours are therefore the Piscean's delight - mauves, silvery blues, turquoises.  Taken even further, the Piscean may even have fishy wallpaper or have sea inspired motifs on towels. Almost certainly there will be a few shells scattered around. The Piscean bathroom however is also very feminine with chintz or lace curtains at the windows. The romantic, wispy designs of Chinese drawings appeal to the Piscean although they are also at home with large scale water lily designs.  These give details of the factors to consider when planning a new bathroom or replacing existing fittings. A dreamy bathroom is a wonderful idea as long as you aren't quite so scatty about the plumbing. A bathroom should also function efficiently and be planned to get the best out of a small space.
Once the basics are taken care of, the Piscean can transform the bathroom into a fantasy of soothing colours with decorative touches which bring imaginary wafts of sea air gently into the room. Cool, serene and delicate, the Piscean bathroom will delight the sensitive soul.


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