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Daily Tarot Scope

Welcome to my Daily TarotScope service. Every day an Astro-Tarot card from my pack is drawn for your Birth Sign and positioned within one of the twelve possible House Positions.

You should use this reading to reflect on your life at the present time. The house positions denote a series of aspects in your life - such as Love, Romance, Money and Happiness.

ARIES (Mar21/Apr20):

Monkey in house position 5. A brief but loving tryst is on the cards - enjoy it whilst it lasts! You're a genius when it comes to creative concerns, so broadcast your brainwaves or make the most of your mental and manual dexterity. You're about to shine on life's stage!

TAURUS (Apr21/May21 ):  

Ace of Cups in house position 3. You're a sucker for a hard luck story now, and close relatives or neighbours will be the ones crying the loudest. You'll gladly give your sympathy but don't take on their troubles too. Write to, phone or call on folk who can give you help or advice.

GEMINI (May22/June21 ):

Devil in house position 7. Someone's playing games, but the question is who? Partnerships of all persuasions are prone to deception and difficulties now, so be prepared for any eventuality. Honesty is definitely your best policy, for lying or cheating will cause chaos in the future.

CANCER (June22/July23):

Leo in house position 1. Your sunny disposition and sparkling personality give you a head start when it comes to anything that's important to you. Bring out your inner warmth, be yourself and you won't go wrong. Your lucky colours range from sunshine yellow to pure gold.

LEO (July24/Aug23):

Tiger in house position 8. Someone you meet will light your fire but be a damp squib when it comes to lusty liaisons, or maybe it's you who's all talk and no action? You may have a wee windfall, but joint money matters will suffer when one of you does sommat stupid.

VIRGO (Aug24/Sept23):

Pisces in house position 6. A visit to a hospital or doctor is needed either by you or someone you know. If your work involves being of service to others then it'll bring you great satisfaction now, as will any job that's glamorous or geared towards women and beauty.

LIBRA (Sept23//Oct23):

Death in house position 10. If your aims and ambitions are stuck in limbo then maybe it's because you're barking up the wrong tree? Thinking things through will reveal where you've gone awry and how to get back on course, so be brave and strike out in new directions!

SCORPIO (Oct24/Nov22):

New Moon in house position 4. A domestic cycle's coming to a close, so reorganise your current abode or move on to pastures new. Put yourself in a position that will safeguard your security, increase your sense of belonging and blot out the pain of your past. A new life is calling!

SAGITTARIUS (Nov23/Dec2l):

Ace of Swords in house position 11. It's time to launch long-term plans and promote your ideas, so don't delay! You'll do best it you work with others in a group, team or organisation. An army of acquaintances surrounds you, but try to cultivate a true-blue friend too.

CAPRICORN (Dec22/Jan20):

Sun in house position 12. Sincerity, good feelings and love are all around you, flooding you with happiness and joy. Even if you've been plagued by worries lately they'll melt away now, leaving you at peace with the world. A romantic reverie will be the icing on your cake.

AQUARIUS (Jan21/Feb19):

Dog in house position 2. The less money means to you now, the better you'll fare financially and the more civilised your dealings will be. Mixing business with pleasure will ensure negotiations and meetings go with a swing. A profitable and productive pecuniary period!

PISCES (Feb20/Mar20):

Pluto in house position 9. Psychic, psychological and spiritual subjects enthral you now and could raise your awareness and consciousness by leaps and bounds, but don't let this interest become an obsession. A cosmopolitan connection could alter your world completely.

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