Russell Grant Horoscopes for February 16 2004

Aries Horoscope for February 16 2004: Losing yourself in some personal business will be rewarding however you can't expect to get the whole day to yourself. Not everyone will respect your desire for privacy and it won't be in your best interest to hide yourself away. If, for instance, you want to use your talents in a lucrative way in the future, you could make some useful contacts later in the day.

Taurus Horoscope for February 16 2004: Someone who's too timid for their own good, is leaning on you too heavily. The trouble is you've helped land yourself in this predicament by being too keen to assist this person in the past. It's difficult to know when reassurance turned into reliance but it's clear now that you must pull back and encourage them to paddle their own canoe.

Gemini Horoscope for February 16 2004: People admire your enthusiasm but there's such a thing as being too keen, so tread with care when with the boss or those in positions of power. Pushing your ideas on to others when they'd rather think about it, isn't the way to get ahead. Wait until they encourage you to elaborate further and you will know you've got their interest.

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Cancer Horoscope for February 16 2004: A chance to invest your savings in new areas is certainly one that's worth your consideration. Before signing anything, examine how the scheme works and explore all likely possibilities. It can be surprising how one thing leads to another and you might find a less risky and more exciting investment opportunity simply through taking a look around.

Leo Horoscope for February 16 2004: Your partner's stubbornness seems unfair and you're tempted to act in a way that goes against their wishes. If, however, they found out what you're doing, they could be hurt, and you don't need that kind of shame weighing on your conscience. Instead of behaving like a rebellious teenager, you need to deal with the issue causing this problem. Running away or ignoring it will only make matters worse.

Virgo Horoscope for February 16 2004: You could improve a job that's not going satisfactorily through some divergent thinking. It won't take a lot to steer your mind down new avenues of thought and you'll be amazed at the difference a more imaginative approach will make. An inventive breakthrough will help you penetrate the problem and recoup all your past hard work.

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Libra Horoscope for February 16 2004: Someone has a great deal to say about your current endeavours, not all of it helpful. You don't have to take them seriously. You're given the chance to show off your creativity or put a special skill to the test but taking up this offer seems to displease a loved one. As they say, other opportunities will come your way, but it won't be the same. If it's something you've got to do today, do it!

Scorpio Horoscope for February 16 2004: If you plan things carefully, you should be able to meet the domestic goals you and your family have recently been setting for yourselves. The more time spent laying foundations, the more successful this project will turn out to be. Whether redecorating, refurbishing or relocating, you're soon to live out a special dream. Whereupon, a new chapter in your family life will begin.

Sagittarius Horoscope for February 16 2004: If spending the day at home, you'll be surfing the net or phoning around, looking for ways to improve your credentials. If roaming further afield, you will get a lot out of listening to what those around you have to say. Try to remember peoples' names and they will be impressed. You may get the chance to learn a new skill or refine one you already have.

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Capricorn Horoscope for February 16 2004: A loved one keeps asking for a loan and they're taking your generosity for granted. You might sympathise with a younger member of the family who is struggling, financially. But just because you've helped them out before, they seem to be under the impression you will do so again and again. They need to know money doesn't grow on trees. They should hear the word 'no.'

Aquarius Horoscope for February 16 2004: At first you will be suitably impressed by someone who seems to be making a success of everything they do. But before too long, you're going to find out their life is not as happy or as triumphant as they're making out. Some people feel they're dishonouring themselves by admitting they're depressed, lonely or dissatisfied. Material rewards don't always bring emotional satisfaction. - Maybe you can help them understand this.

Pisces Horoscope for February 16 2004: If there's something special you'd like to do, what's stopping you making definite goals and working towards them? A lack of confidence can be overcome with the support of the right kind of person and your willingness to take one step at a time. A lack of initiative is another excuse for laziness, which is far less healthy. Start setting small, attainable goals for yourself and get out of this inactive rut.

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