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Pet Zodiac

Pet Horoscopes

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets.

OOh, how sweet that furry little puppy, oh, how gorgeous that cuddly kitten! Let's face it sun signs adore their pets, without them life is just plain dreary. However, if your cutie pie pet is not well, if you are worried about their impending operation or sudden bad behaviour call our super astrologers and they will do you a pet astro chart and tell you why pussy cat peed on the sofa and doggy tore your bedroom apart. In the meantime, how about discovering sun sign attitudes to Man's Best Friends?


Pet Horoscopes

Aries is over the moon running around the block with their cute best friend at their heels. Doggy makes them feel enthusiastic; doggy heightens the happy dopamines and serotonins flowing around their brains. In fact, Aries happiest weekends are spent throwing the ball for Rover.
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Pet Horoscopes

Taurus loves petting that furry ball of love, unless pussy bites or has a cat wobbly, of course. In fact, pussy cat tends to reduce Taurus stress risks, plus potential heart disease. Since they love their sweeties and choccies the anti stress factor is important when Taurus considers getting a pet. .
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Pet Horoscopes

Gemini digs cats and dogs. Pets calm down that mindless chit chat, as they gaze on those loving furry faces and cuddle up close. Suddenly all their worries seem to fade. They love their dogs to bark and their cats to mew, it means they are into "talkies" and pet communication is a must have for Geminis.


Pet Horoscopes

Cancer dogs and cats are treated like babies, fed delicious tit bits, dressed in raincoats when it pours and have tombs and statues erected to them when the pass on. Cancer scolds, cuddles, admonishes and falls in love with their delightful, furry ball of fluff.


Pet Horoscopes

Leo can go without a dog, but never without a cat. If they are feeling sick, the sight of a furry ball of claws and teeth curled up in the corner, defragging those negative energies gives them hope, inspires them, make them feel no matter the challenges life is worth living.
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Pet Horoscopes

Virgo loves dogs so much! There's nothing better than a dog to ease their worried mind and those stressful challenges. When things get bad, only a dog that will look up at Virgo with great big eyes that say I love you too!
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Pet Horoscopes

Libra digs the beautiful pet, the delightful pedigree Persian, the gorgeously chic Dalmatian, Not only do they lift energy they inspire a downbeat Libran mood. Libran will go for a pretty moggy in a garden at a pinch, in other words pussy cats that make them feel harmonious minus the cat tray.


Pet Horoscopes

Scorpio insists the dog is man's best friend. He will come when he is called, he will smile when appropriate. He will never betray a Scorp and be faithful to the end of their days. The Scorpio dog bond is unbreakable.


Pet Horoscopes

Saggy loves playing with dogs when they are blue and petting their cat of a cold winter evening. Saggy will train doggie clever tricks, cuddle pussy cat so close the little creature will utter a "Dont suffocate me with love please!" mew. Saggy is convinced life could never boring with those four leggeds around to cheer one up.
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Pet Horoscopes

Cappy might act reserved when everyone is going ballistic over an adorable puppy or kitten. But they know pets are a responsibility. They need care and love. They need support and regular visits to the vet. Cappy takes their responsibilities seriously and their pets adore them for it.
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Pet Horoscopes

Aquarius loves a stray cat because they are independent, and happy with a plate of tuna and a litter tray. Aquarius pussy cats get spoilt rotten though. They will eat super food off China saucers; get loads of pet toys and endless hugs and kisses. Aqui is a moggy's friend for life!


Pet Horoscopes

Sensitive Pisces know that both cat and dogs save lives. Cats cuddle humans who are seriously ill, so that they heal, or even pass on in peace. Dogs will lick cancerous lumps on human bodies to help them go away. Pisces respects their pets, they see them as divine creatures, with loving, eternal souls

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