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Welcome to Astro-Workers!  Your guide to how each of the star signs react and interact within the working environment!  Virgo lives to serve! If there's a sales job to be done, send an Aquarian, he'll make friends with everyone and have them eating out of his hand. If you need someone to conduct a workshop or training class, choose a Sagittarian.  

Aries at Work

After crossing paths with an Aries one will feel they've just had they're worst nightmare or experienced a dream come true. There are no half measures here. The Aries person is very definite and makes a definite impression. The thing the Aries is most definite about is his or her own freedom. When the Aries is in charge of what needs to be done and is left to get it done their own way, all will be well and you'll have heaven on earth. If an Aries is closely managed and restricted on the job, they'll feel like hell and make their escape as soon as possible. So Aries needs to lead the team or work solo, there's no middle ground.

As long as the atmosphere's exciting, Aries is in the game. The more unusual the job, the more challenging the task, the Aries worker will be up front ready to get it going. Do you need a cheerleader? Seek out an Aries. They'll describe you in the most glowing terms and make everyone want to meet you. That job you just found out you needed done a few minutes ago, check with an Aries employee, they've just finished it.

If an Aries is allowed to keep odd hours or even work from home, so much the better. These people thrive on making their own schedule and being unconventional in how they go about things. On the plus side Aries individuals are determined and interested in doing quality work, which speaks well for them. Aries people are usually fun to have around because they're creative thinkers and generally sociable. They have good ideas to contribute and respond well to pats on the back. A little appreciation goes a long way with an Aries.
Taurus at Work

Back to work! And why do we work? We work to earn our living, to create a secure present and a secure future. This is the Taurus way. The more solid and practical the outcome, the more the Taurus is interested. These individuals have their feet firmly planted on the ground and they have no interest in pie-in-the-sky ideas or promises.

Taurus people are hard workers and will dedicate themselves completely and for the long-term. As they're rewarded with raises and bonuses along the way, they keep their noses to it and are happy and content. They're always on the lookout for solid investment plans, benefits and any cash incentives that a job may offer. Their main interest is in providing for a comfortable retirement. They certainly don't want to have to worry about finances in their "golden years", so they do whatever is necessary in the present.

The Taurus works at his own speed, which may strike others as a bit on the slow side, but don't be fooled. These individuals are sure-footed and their aim is true. They will continue on making steady progress and will get every task attended to. Unlike the Aries worker, the Taurus appreciates being told what to do as long as he doesn't feel like he's being pushed. If there is any drawback with Taurus at work it's that he does not take well to change. Taurus prefers the familiar and wants to maintain the same duties and keep the same routine. Happily here we find the least likely candidate to become involved in a scandal.
Gemini at Work

Do you need it right now? Call a Gemini. Gemini people are fast in both thought and action. Of course that makes them a bit restless and impatient, but they're assets in emergencies and swift to the finish line on any ordinary day. Do you need to persuade someone of something? Get a Gemini to do the talking for you. They're nimble of mind and tongue. Do you want to taste-test that odd looking dish someone brought from home? Send a Gemini in first. They like to try new things and have the gift of gab to report their findings.

Gemini's are fun to have in the workplace because they stir things up, but don't try to confine them to their desks. They like freedom as much as their Aries co-workers do. The Gemini individual gets a charge out of doing two things at once. They can answer the phone and be signing a letter at the same time. Speaking of letters, because of their affinity for words, Gemini make wonderful secretaries; when it comes to speed, they can out type the fastest in the world.

The downfall for the Gemini in the workplace is the opportunity it provides for flirtations. Gemini just can't resist a little light personal interaction of this type. Unlike the stable Taurus, this worker could stir up a kettle of trouble. While they like to initiate relationships, they're not long on commitment to one individual; they're having too much fun playing the field. One thing is certain; with a Gemini around, life won't be boring!
Cancer at Work

Any employer will be glad to have a Cancer employee. The Cancer worker is a friendly spirit, creative, loyal, and dedicated to doing a good job. Since Cancer individuals are concerned about the security of their home life and their ability to keep their possessions safe, they will do whatever is necessary to maintain stability and that translates into putting one's nose to the grindstone at work, so to speak.

Because they are such good strategists, onlookers may hardly realize all that the Cancer person is up to. They may not seem to be heading for the goal, but taking side trips instead. Do not be fooled, Mr. or Ms. Cancer is taking time to size up the situation. Once they see the big picture, they will grab hold of a task or project and never let go until it is whipped into shape.

Being of an emotional nature, the Cancer employee will respond well when approached gently and spoken to in a calm tone of voice. They enjoy fine food served in a pleasant atmosphere, so if you're about to ask a favour, or want to put your Cancer person on a tough assignment, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring this up over dinner out.

A dependable individual who takes his or her work seriously, the Cancer person can be counted on to come up with new approaches to solve a problem, lead a group or carry out an assignment with great dispatch.
Leo at Work

One thing we know about the Leo employee is that he or she will most certainly make their presence felt. The Leo cannot bear to be ignored and will have his/her accomplishments noticed and praised, or else! Since Leo thrives on attention, anyone wishing to get service must pave the way with compliments, the more sincere the better.

If there is a project in need of a team leader, Leo is your candidate. Though there are other signs of leadership in the zodiac, each associated with a particular element; Leo wears the crown of high king or queen over all the rest. Moreover, if it is advice you are looking for, head straight for your Leo co-worker. They will be glad to tell you how to handle any situation and regale you with tales of how they heroically met such a challenge in the past.

Something else you can count on from a Leo in your is an air of dignity and respectability. Do you have a "sticky" situation that needs to be handled carefully? Call on a Leo. They will smooth things over with finesse. These lions have the knack of creating an aura that lifts up everyone around them. This is one of the gifts endowed on them by their impartial ruler, the Sun. It shines on high and low alike and makes everything seem brighter. It can only make the lion blossom even further to work in a sunny, cheerful environment.

If passed over for recognition earned or a promotion deserved, the Leo will strike out at such injustice and let everyone know of the wound he is suffering. Lions do their best in the front lines where what they do can be easily seen and admired. They will add spice to whatever group they are placed in.
Virgo at Work

Now here we have the nearly ideal employee. Why? Because Virgo lives to serve! Yes, here are a group of individuals born to be of service to others. Not only that, they are meticulous. They pay attention to details and pick up on all the nit-picking, small things that everyone else would overlook.

Unlike the Leo workers who went before them, Virgo workers do not need to be constantly showered with praise, but they do need to be paid fairly. Virgo is one of the business signs and consequently will always have their eye on what is going in the bank.

On the downside, Virgo people do tend to be nervous and worry quite a bit, often over inconsequential things. They are usually not actually of frail health, but can be unnecessarily concerned about their state of well being. This can be relieved somewhat by making the Virgo worker feel secure in his job. One less thing to worry about!

If you need a chart analysed, go to a Virgo. If you need a wordsmith, make a Virgo your spell-checker. If you want something done perfectly, ask a Virgo. They will do their best in a structured environment where everything is in order and neatness prevails. If the neatness issue is a problem, do not get upset. Put the Virgo in charge of organizing and tidying things up before they start their regular work.

Best not to be too critical of these dedicated workers; they can be their own worst enemies in that department. In fact, they do better if they are not micro-managed. Just tell them what needs to be done and let them take care of dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's.
Libra at Work

Beauty is everything to this Venus-ruled worker, so the environment better be pleasing to the eye or our Libra individual will be totally out of whack! They just can't get anything done if the aesthetics of the situation are off kilter. They do well in design work, so if the surroundings are really bad, Libra is just the one to create a tasteful workspace. They have an eye for art and a need for harmony in all its expressions.

Don't approach the Libra worker with a loud tone of voice or coarse language. It will completely disrupt their equilibrium. If possible, give them creative work to do and they'll handle it masterfully. They can bring a touch of class and eye-appeal to most any task.

Libra lives to keep things in balance, so if there's a dispute that needs settling, ask a Libra to negotiate the treaty. If you can't make ends meet, get advice from a Libra on how to stretch the funds and make it all come out even. If you want everyone to be given a chance, put a Libra at the head of the team.

The problem arises when deadlines must be met. Libra, being of the air element, can get carried away and lose track of time. They're often late for appointments. It's just that they don't want to hurt the feelings of the one they're with, so they linger when they should get up and go. And, of course, they're attending to making sure everything is flowing beautifully. Oh well, we can't have everything! Give peace a chance and Libra will charm the socks off you when they do arrive!
Scorpio at Work

Here's the keeper of the secret files, the Scorpio employee. Whatever needs doing behind the scenes, Scorpio's your man (or woman). Whatever's marked "Confidential" you'll find in the Scorpio's desk. Need to launch an undercover operation? Call a Scorpio to head up the small group of covert operatives. Needless to say, they make great detectives and excellent researchers. If you need to get the facts, only the facts, Scorpio will come through with flying colours.

And speaking of colours, you may get tired of seeing this individual in the routine black outfit, but it does look professional and serious, don't you think?

Scorpio has a way of convincing others without anyone suspecting that they're being led into a course of action, possibly not of their own choosing. The eyes have it. Scorpio's penetrating gaze can be hypnotic, giving them the power to exert their will on the masses. They are not intending harm; it's just their way. They have a certain charisma that is mysterious and alluring. Others follow even though they didn't vote on the matter.

Unlike the Leo who needed the spotlight, Scorpio prefers to work in the dark. They don't like anyone knowing what they're up to. If they have an office, you'll find the word "Private" on the door. If they have a desk, it'll be locked.

These folks are resourceful and carry an air of confidence. They will take responsibility for their mistakes, because they know when it is their fault. No excuses found here. One word of warning, though, comes with this package. Beware if you cross this individual or seriously step on their toes. They will get back at you no matter how long it takes.
Sagittarius at Work

While they're reputed to have two left feet and be rather clumsy physically, these charmed workers are born with a special grace that leads them in and out of situations accompanied by a much sought-after escort. In some circles, she's called "Fortune", in others, "Lady Luck". It's not that the Sagittarius worker can do no wrong, they most certainly can get themselves entwined in various and assorted messes, but they always seem to land on their feet and everything comes out well in the end.

Generally speaking these individuals are cheerful by nature and a pleasure to deal with as they spread their good mood to everyone within reach. They'll regale you with their tales, which may often feature some heroics of their own, but you won't be bored because they're good storytellers. Which brings us to the flaw. They do tend to exaggerate a bit and may wander into "white lies" without even knowing it. They don't mean any harm, they're just colourful by nature and enjoy embellishing.

In a seemingly contradictory vein, these individuals are honest and fully geared toward integrity. You can trust him or her fully. If you need someone to right a wrong, Sagittarius is your best choice. If you need someone to conduct a workshop or training class, choose a Sagittarian. They make excellent teachers and negotiators. Even when it doesn't look like they're succeeding, you'll later find out they came through with stars on their lapel.
Capricorn at Work

Here we have the first one in to the office in the morning and the last one to leave in the evening, the true workaholic of the zodiac, the Capricorn employee. This individual can be depended on to do the job, to do it well, to not seek praise and to move right along to the next job to be done. His or her desk will be in good order and all the tools needed to get the job done will be handy.

You won't find any excess here, but you will find the best that money can buy. The Capricorn will wear good shoes and the best quality fabrics purchased at the best value. If you're in a sales situation and you want the most for you money, bring a Capricorn to the meeting and they will work the deal in your favour. He is understated, but effective in making a professional impression.

Capricorn individuals know how to use the resources of others to the best advantage. This has its good result when the Capricorn is at the head of a team and can delegate tasks as they will get the most out of each individual by assigning them to the thing they do best. On the less positive side Capricorn people can become "users" if they don't keep an eye on the flow of give and take. Usually, though, these folks do have an accounting system built in, that guides them reciprocate for each act they demand to be done. They know that works in their favour as well, as they are bound to need your assistance again and want to keep you in an approachable frame of mind!
Aquarius at Work

Meet the brilliant eccentric, the Aquarian employee. He or she is brimming with outrageous ideas and so many friends you could line them up one by one from one end of town to the other and still need more spaces in the cue. On the idea front, this individual can really make points for the company, save them money, design plans for better time management and in general sweep people off their feet with talk of future innovations.

Quintessentially cool, these individuals may even be termed indifferent. They don't seem to care in the same way others do, they stand on the outside looking in and see the big picture and how to fix it. Everyone likes the Aquarian because having them around is an adventure and the Aquarian likes everyone, but no one in particular. In some ways this can be an asset; it makes them impartial. They are loyal and fair. They enjoy meeting people, experimenting, learning new things and being in the stream of life.

If there's a sales job to be done, send an Aquarian, he'll make friends with everyone and have them eating out of his hand. If you're completely stuck and can't figure your way out of the problem, call an Aquarian and he'll come up with a list of alternative ideas and approaches. If you want to leap further into the Twenty-first Century, call an Aquarian to get you there with the speed of light.
Pisces at Work

The sensitivity barometer of the zodiac lives here in the pool of Pisces. This individual can be the best or the worst in the workplace. The secret to achieving the first status is for the Pisces to be engaged in work that in some way alleviates human suffering and gives him or her the ability to exercise and express deep compassion. If that's not possible, the Pisces must be engaged in work that makes him feel that he's using his creativity and imagination to move things forward to a good end or a worthy cause. If these needs aren't met at work the Pisces will spend a miserable day and need to find an outlet for these impulses after hours.

If these fish are content in the workplace they will work well and exhibit a deep sense of duty, if not they will swim off by themselves and avoid too much interaction. If you haven't figured it out yet, these individuals do best in the creative world of theatre and art or in the world of care-giving or charity work. They swim in a pond of abstract thinking and make excellent teachers, doctors, nurses and cooks.

In order to really blossom, these individuals need to be in happy, upbeat surroundings that are tastefully and artistically decorated. If there's some pleasant music playing in the background, so much the better. If you've had a bad day and need a shoulder to cry on, go to a Pisces. If you have a problem you can't get to the root of, ask a Pisces to "psyche it out". If you just want someone to listen, visit a Pisces. They may live in another realm, but the rest of us are fortunate if we have a Pisces in our midst.




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