Russell Grant Horoscopes for January 7 2009

Aries Horoscope for January 7 2009: You're having a bad day if things don't seem to go your way; don't start blaming yourself when everything goes wrong. A new colleague is keen to get to know you but if you present a defensive or standoffish image to the world, they are less likely to come back! Communications may be difficult due to emotional or technical problems. It's not a good day to make important decisions. Try to deal with routine everyday matters instead.

Taurus Horoscope for January 7 2009: As much as you want to help and care for other people, don't let them exploit you. If you're working as a team, be sure everyone does their fair share. Check with your boss before you help out a colleague or your own work may suffer. If your workload is such that you can't spare the time for those who need some support, there will be others who should be able to help out. Showing you care will win you extra points as other people appreciate your team spirit.

Gemini Horoscope for January 7 2009: It's not easy to remember names when you're introduced to a number of people at the same time. Even so try to make the effort. It is entirely possible someone you meet today will be in a position to help you further a special aim. The bigger the impression you make on them the more they are likely to remember you in the future. In an existing relationship you need to take an alternative tack to make a breakthrough with an age old dilemma.

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Cancer Horoscope for January 7 2009: There is no magic recipe to make a relationship last; it will of course help if you want it to. The minimum requirement is a mutual desire to create a stable long term union. If you're sure this is what you want and if it's what your partner wants to, it's time to put in the effort to make this relationship work for you. A friend's news, this evening, will awaken new interests and these will enrich your life.

Leo Horoscope for January 7 2009: A senior colleague or your employer may express an interest in you or your work. There has never been a better time to blow your own trumpet. If people want to see what you are capable of, don't disappoint them or you will be letting yourself down too. Remember; you're often judged by the company you keep. Use your common sense and only allow yourself to be seen with trustworthy and dependable types. Steer clear of dubious dodgy people.

Virgo Horoscope for January 7 2009: Communication is the absolute key, whether it is a romantic, family or business relationship that's on your mind. In your profession, your aim should be to work well with your colleagues and to be professional and polite with your boss. If you're finding it increasingly difficult to understand a senior colleague, as long as you know you're doing your job properly they will have no cause to complain. The better the work atmosphere, the more you will like your job.

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Libra Horoscope for January 7 2009: Try doing something nice for yourself once a day, especially if you've been feeling down recently. If you're low on self esteem, affirmations are a good way to help rebuild your confidence. Tell yourself you're doing okay and reward yourself for your achievements no matter how small. Positive thoughts will help you move forward, negative ones will hold you back. This evening, light up some scented candles, switch off the lights and relax in this calming and soothing ambience.

Scorpio Horoscope for January 7 2009: If things haven't been good between you and another, try to find a way to patch up your differences. It is entirely possible you've both been overlooking each other's feelings while being too wrapped up in your own thoughts. Volunteer to help your partner with a task they don't like doing and before you know it, it will seem as if nothing untoward has happened. Even so, once you start relaxing with each other again, be willing to talk over recent problems.

Sagittarius Horoscope for January 7 2009: There is less space in your life for family as work and social commitments take up more time and energy. If your job is becoming too onerous, hiring in some temporary help might ease your burdens and make it easier for your colleagues too. If and when you feel yourself getting tense, do some simple deep breathing exercises and fill your body with oxygen. Despite heavy responsibilities, you owe it to yourself to take regular breaks and give yourself a little pampering.

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Capricorn Horoscope for January 7 2009: Change isn't anything you take to easily. Sometimes you need to be pushed to the wall if you're going to make a serious life decision. In your heart you know certain aspects of your life can't continue as they are and the time has come to make an effort to improve things. If your job isn't giving you any satisfaction, reach out to someone who has contacts in new places as a new job could be a good move now. The end of the working week will bring the end of a chapter in your life.

Aquarius Horoscope for January 7 2009: You're inclined to make decisions without consulting others; not everyone will be pleased by this. You might think you're being assertive but someone else may view you as being over zealous. In matters of importance consult your boss before making any new moves. At the same time, in the little things, it should do you no harm to use independent thinking. The key is getting the balance right and accepting the fact you won't be able to please everyone today.

Pisces Horoscope for January 7 2009: You sense a friend's ego is being hard on them as they blame themselves for something that isn't their fault. Hurt and anger are just below the surface; these will erupt with little provocation. For that reason you need to be extra sensitive when you are around those who are clearly best left on their own. As much as you care for them, their irritability will rub off on you. A little time apart won't do your relationship any harm.

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