Russell Grant Horoscopes for January 10 2011

Aries Horoscope for January 10 2011: Finding freedom is your first order of business. You long for the opportunity to explore the world, unhindered by personal responsibility. You can make this happen if you reach out to friends and family. Ask loved ones to take over jobs and look after your belongings while you're away. Be very specific about when you'll be away and how long you'll need their services. The more considerate you are, the more help you will receive.

Taurus Horoscope for January 10 2011: Dreams of glory prompt you to take a bold risk. You're ready to put your financial security on the line for the sake of a business, creative project, or relationship. Some may think you've gone crazy, but they don't understand how much you want to realise this goal. You're tired of doing the practical thing all the time. By doing something wild and reckless, you'll gain something priceless in return. It may not be what you expected, but that's part of the deal.

Gemini Horoscope for January 10 2011: Exploring different cultures and belief systems gives you a new lease on life. There are so many different ways of finding fulfilment. Some get it from being philanthropists. Others realise it by creating beautiful artwork. Certain people find it through spiritual practices. Forge the path that makes most sense to you. A versatile soul like you needs a blend of friendship, charitable work and creativity to achieve nirvana. One way feels too limiting.

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Cancer Horoscope for January 10 2011: You've always been a romantic and that's very true now. Don't bother to hide your feelings for a sexy colleague, neighbour, or storeowner. Someone you see almost every day gives you a surge of happiness. If the two of you were to become a couple, you would experience a level of ecstasy you never dreamed possible. Already in a relationship? It's time to introduce a little more sensuality into your daily life. Don't be so hesitant to express yourself.

Leo Horoscope for January 10 2011: Forming a creative partnership will give you the encouragement you require to develop your natural gifts. In the past, you were teased for living in a fantasy world. That's why it can be difficult to build castles in the air now; you hate being ridiculed. Fortunately, your friend appreciates your vision and encourages you to use it at every turn. This makes it easier to paint, write and play music. In fact, it's easier to try unexplored territory now you feel supported.

Virgo Horoscope for January 10 2011: Sometimes the noblest thing to do is take the humblest job. While everyone else is fighting to remain in the spotlight, you're content to work behind the scenes. This is a very smart strategy, as it allows you to polish your skills to a diamond like brilliance. Once you get all this practice under your belt, you'll be ready to advance to the next level. In the meantime, count your blessings. Having work that makes you feel useful is a wonderful gift.

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Libra Horoscope for January 10 2011: You can't take your eyes off someone who is artistic, fun loving and warm. It feels like the two of you are destined to be together. If you're already in a relationship, this is a sign that you should be focusing on your amour. Think back to how things were when you first got together. That spark can be rekindled if you get back into the habit of expressing your admiration through words, gifts and deeds.

Scorpio Horoscope for January 10 2011: Dreams of creating a home in a faraway land aren't as far fetched as you think. It is possible to relocate if you can find a way to make money in an area which has more demand than supply. Learning a trade like plumbing, electricity, or computer programming can be helpful. If you're artistically inclined, think about becoming a beautician or hairstylist. Ultimately, you can lead the life you want if you're willing to take a bold risk.

Sagittarius Horoscope for January 10 2011: A wonderful idea for improving an old technique should be shared with an expert. They can use their influence to make positive changes to their field. Don't worry about receiving the proper acclaim. By sharing your knowledge freely, you'll be rewarded with a once in a lifetime opportunity. An impressive scholar will be teaching a class in your area very soon. Their influence will have a profound effect on your outlook. Don't hesitate to sign up.

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Capricorn Horoscope for January 10 2011: Trust your instincts about a beautiful luxury item. Although buying it will put a huge dent in your budget, the temporary pinch will be worth it in the long run. You're someone who doesn't splurge easily, but when you do, it gives you a profound sense of peace. It's because you have to see your hard work can buy pleasure as well as security. What's the point of working, scrimping and saving all the time if you never have any fun?

Aquarius Horoscope for January 10 2011: Your vivid imagination makes you a popular figure. People feel like anything is possible when you're in their company. That's probably true, since you're open to any idea, so long as it's inspiring. Someone may ask you to take the helm of a creative or spiritual organisation. Although this will mean a lot of additional work, it will be a labour of love. Accept the offer and prepare to make great strides with this group. There is power in numbers.

Pisces Horoscope for January 10 2011: Finding a way of being of service to others gives you the spiritual grounding you crave. If anything drives you crazy, it's being mired in the material world. It's necessary to perform selfless acts to feel connected to the world. Looking for a job? You may want to work for a non-profit organisation. This sort of position could send you overseas helping people in poor countries get clean drinking water, medical supplies and safe housing.

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