Russell Grant Horoscopes for November 16 2011

Aries Horoscope for November 16 2011: It's a great time to get in shape, so go ahead and splurge on some exercise equipment or a personal trainer. You're the type who needs a lot of variety in your routine. Set aside some free time each week to prepare a series of healthy meals. That way, you can just grab one on the way out to work or before heading out for a long day away from home. Similarly, your fitness routine should involve a variety of aerobic, weight resistance, and stretching activities.

Taurus Horoscope for November 16 2011: Your warmth and generosity causes quite a commotion on the romantic market. Several people will battle for your affections. If you're single, you'll be content to play the market. Ultimately you'll choose the candidate who has both a terrific brain and a great body. Are you already in a relationship? You and your amour have a golden opportunity to expand your sexual horizons. Be willing to act out your fantasies, do some role playing, and experiment with new techniques.

Gemini Horoscope for November 16 2011: Trust your instincts when it comes to a household matter. Although funds are tight, you can't resist the lure of a well priced appliance or piece of furniture. Dig deep and splurge; you won't be disappointed. If you need something repaired, you can always do a work exchange with someone who is talented in this area. For instance, you can create an inviting brochure for somebody who fixes your plumbing or electricity. Use your imagination to get what you need!

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Cancer Horoscope for November 16 2011: Be sure to attend a big social event. As a general rule, you're shy with people you don't know. This occasion will prove the exception to the rule. You'll meet several people who share your interests, and will quickly fall into a lively debate. Don't be surprised if one of your new acquaintances asks for a date. You're never more attractive than when you're talking about your favourite subjects. If you're already in a relationship, don't worry. A little flirting will be good for your ego.

Leo Horoscope for November 16 2011: Money is going out as quickly as it comes in. Fortunately, you put it to good use. Buy yourself an impressive status symbol or two. This will help you gain entry to an exclusive society. If you're looking for a job, invest in an impressive new suit, smartphone, or computer. Having the right equipment will make it much easier to land your dream job. Opportunities related to journalism, travel, or publishing are especially favoured. You're sure to make a big splash in whatever field you pursue.

Virgo Horoscope for November 16 2011: If you've ever wanted to boost your qualifications now is the time to do it. Fill out a slew of applications and start gathering letters of recommendation. Swot up for any standardised tests required for admission. You're sure to be admitted to several impressive institutions. Turn a deaf ear to relatives who want you to study something practical. You'll be much better off plunging into a field that brings you genuine happiness. The money will come later.

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Libra Horoscope for November 16 2011: Working behind the scenes yields the best results. You're tired of having to defend your efforts to an overly critical manager. Once you put the finishing touches on your masterpiece, you can present it to the world. The reception will be so enthusiastic that even your most harsh critic will be silenced. Some people feel as though they need to give negative feedback in order to justify their job. The sooner you learn to recognise these pests, the happier you will be.

Scorpio Horoscope for November 16 2011: A loving partnership gives you the courage to pursue a cherished dream. When you were a child, your family may have pushed you into a field that afforded financial stability. This didn't leave much time for your favourite activities. Now you're an adult, you have the ability to do what you want. Stop looking to gain everyone else's approval and start satisfying your own needs. Your love life will improve dramatically once you change gear. Happiness is the best cosmetic in the world!

Sagittarius Horoscope for November 16 2011: A fun job is yours for the asking and fortunately, the boss likes your energetic ways, and will be eager to add you to the team. It's a big boost to be admitted into this organisation, as it compromised of only the best and brightest. You'll feel an immediate kinship with your colleagues. Any business involving luxury goods, art, or fine food is favoured. Let a tasteful member of the team introduce you to unfamiliar delicacies. Your horizons are about to be expanded!

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Capricorn Horoscope for November 16 2011: Getting your hands dirty will be lots of fun. Dig in the garden, bake some bread, or throw some pottery. You're a lot more creative than you pretend. By making time for play, you'll become a lot more productive at work. If it's hard for you to tear yourself away from the office, enrol in a class. Once you make a deposit, you'll be hard pressed to drop out. It looks like your teacher will be very inspiring, and may even offer private lessons.

Aquarius Horoscope for November 16 2011: An influential executive is impressed with your abilities. Don't be surprised if you're given an award or bonus. Use these additional resources to pamper your sensual side. Normally, you don't place much importance in creature comforts. Lately you've been yearning for some beautiful clothes, gourmet food, or luxury cosmetics. Go ahead and splurge. There's nothing wrong with craving beauty. It's what transforms an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

Pisces Horoscope for November 16 2011: Work quickly to strike a deal or sign a contract. Your decisive behaviour will be awarded tenfold. The person you pair with isn't famous now, but they soon will be. Trust your instinct to lead you to a partner who will offer financial, emotional, and practical help. You're gifted at human relations, while others are good at attending to the little details. Together, you can form a business that not only makes lots of money, but provides plenty of happiness.

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