Russell Grant Horoscopes for December 9 2012

Aries Horoscope for December 9 2012: A strong sense of purpose puts you on the road to success. You won't let anything stand between you and your goals. If you lack money, apply to religious, educational, and cultural institutions for funds. Alternatively, you can borrow items from work to carry out certain jobs. Be sure to ask your boss for permission. Overhauling your fitness routine will yield impressive results. Focus on strength training instead of aerobic exercise. This is your chance to build beautiful muscle tone.

Taurus Horoscope for December 9 2012: You're extremely optimistic, which makes you very popular. People feel like they can accomplish anything when they're in your company. Every difficulty you encounter is treated like an exciting challenge. If you are forced to work with shoddy materials, you'll find a way to refurbish them. Turning old, unwanted pieces of junk into compelling works of beauty will be a good use of your creativity. Forming a partnership with a resourceful accomplice is a great idea. Your practicality, combined with their imagination, makes for a great combination.

Gemini Horoscope for December 9 2012: You'll be extremely productive, thanks to an organised approach to errands. Make a list of everything you have to get done, and check when businesses are open. This will save you a lot of time. Keep your mobile charged in case you have to make any last minute detours. Buying cleaning supplies and tools will take up the majority of your time. Making your living space more beautiful and functional will increase its value. You'll also gain a deeper appreciation for your surroundings, and spend more time on domestic activities.

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Cancer Horoscope for December 9 2012: Don't let a stubborn attitude get in the way of working with others. You've got some extremely bright colleagues who are eager to help with a project. While you're focused on creating streamlined work procedures, they're trying to make the system as flexible as possible. It's important to meet in the middle. If there isn't a way to make exceptions for unusual cases, work will come to a standstill. Of course, you should maintain a checklist to ensure procedures are followed.

Leo Horoscope for December 9 2012: You've got a great memory, which can delight or dismay your friends. Recounting funny stories is one of your favourite pastimes, but woe be unto anyone who lets you down. You'll never let them forget their slight. Keeping an inventory of precious possessions will make you feel more settled and secure. If you have a precious collection, make a list of everything it includes, and be as detailed as possible in your descriptions. Take photos of these items and keep them in a file for insurance purposes.

Virgo Horoscope for December 9 2012: Your mind is moving at the speed of a runaway train. You've capable of absorbing a great deal of information all at once. This is a great time to take a challenging class or acquire a complicated skill. When people learn of your expertise, they'll offer you freelance work. Pretty soon, what started as a side venture will develop into a bona fide business. You'll have to hire a staff and keep detailed records. Working for yourself will give your daily life more flexibility.

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Libra Horoscope for December 9 2012: Making a choice is scary, because you're afraid of commitment. If push comes to shove, flip a coin. It's better to put the wheels in motion than deliberate endlessly over a financial matter. If you need a job, explore opportunities at hospitals, universities, and government agencies. Working behind the scenes at a big institution will give you more financial stability you need. It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it will pay well and offer good benefits.

Scorpio Horoscope for December 9 2012: It's time to make an important decision about a group association. Joining forces with a powerful organisation will further your career. It will also put you in contact with some extremely talented people. You've always been good at finding information that is hidden from the public. By teaming up with another gifted researcher, you can form a company that is both profitable and socially redeeming. You enjoy helping people find documents that will save them time, money, and aggravation.

Sagittarius Horoscope for December 9 2012: You're not very practical when it comes to making plans. You'd rather operate on instinct. When faced with a problem, you'll discuss it with the powers that be. A powerful executive is impressed by your ability to anticipate all the challenges involved with any given project. Don't be surprised if you're offered a prominent position in their organisation. If you have a job, it may be necessary to go into the office on your day off, just to catch up on paperwork.

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Capricorn Horoscope for December 9 2012: You have great ideas, but don't like hearing any criticism. This will make it difficult to implement radical changes. If you're going to be successful, you have to cultivate a support network. Reach out to an accomplished expert. Their letter of recommendation will open plenty of doors. Are you operating in a vacuum? Join a professional organisation. This will be a great way to meet people who share your interest in reforming old, outmoded social programs.

Aquarius Horoscope for December 9 2012: Achieving your career objectives is a full time job. Just because you have the day off doesn't mean you should be inactive. Revise your CV, gather work samples, and make a list of references, complete with contact information. If you have an interview suit, make sure it is cleaned and pressed, with no loose buttons or jammed zippers. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to attract the opportunity you want. Working on a commission basis is preferable to earning a flat salary.

Pisces Horoscope for December 9 2012: Venturing into the unknown will be stimulating, both personally and professionally. Think about going on a long distance trip. If you play your cards right, you can find a great work opportunity while travelling abroad. At the very least, you will attract lots of romantic attention. The locals are impressed with your particular brand of charm. Are you already in a relationship? Be sure to take your partner along. This will be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect, both emotionally and physically.

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