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Daily Influences


Your Daily Influences are calculated from creative planets, destructive planets in conjunction with creative and creative houses within your sign and rulers against the planetary aspects of the day.  They are scored on a percentage basis - the higher the percentage - the better that area today is for your sign.


  • Romance: love, sociability, aesthetics. Venus, Neptune with Saturn, Uranus

  • Finance: dollars, resources, value. Venus, Jupiter with mars, Saturn

  • Work: employment, job, craftsmanship. Mars, Saturn with Moon, Neptune

  • Mental Energy: inspiration, brilliance, dexterity, opportunity. Mercury, Uranus with Saturn, Neptune

  • Physical Energy: body, assertive, energy, self. Sun, Mars with moon, Saturn

  • Emotional Energy: intense feelings, feminine, home and family. Moon, Venus with Mars, Saturn

  • Spiritual Energy: sudden insight, merging, out of this world. Neptune, Uranus with Mars, Pluto

  • Health: soundness of health, ability to recover your health. Sun, Jupiter with moon, Saturn

  • Partnership: marriage, contracts, laws, justice.  Venus, Saturn with mars, Pluto

  • Business: investments, banking, joint ownership.  Jupiter, Pluto with Saturn, Uranus

  • Social Advancement: education, authority, publicity.  Uranus, Jupiter with Mars, Saturn

  • Career: personal achievements, professionalism, power.  Jupiter, Saturn with moon, Neptune

  • Community: friends, helpers, and advisers.  Venus, mercury with Mars, Saturn

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