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Life is rather like a journey through time and that journey, from birth to inevitable death, could be broken into five all different stages – infancy, childhood, adolescence, middle-age and old-age.
These stages all make important contributions to life experiences but one particular stage which is perhaps the most difficult part of life’s journey is adolescence – those halfway-between-childhood-and-maturity teenage years.
Between the ages of 13 and 19, the adolescent is growing both physically and emotionally at an amazingly fast rate; it is virtually impossible to pinpoint when in fact childhood totally ends and adult life really begins. However, the law generally looks upon eighteen as the age when a person must take a mature responsibility for his/her actions and behaviour and nowadays, when children seem to be growing in maturity at a much faster rate than in the past, an eighteen year old will be generally classed as being adult. Maturity, though, can be defined in many ways and is basically developed through experience and wisdom.
Nevertheless, adolescence can be a difficult period, when teenagers are casting away childhood habits and preparing to take up an adult role in society and because of the many psychological changes taking place they can tend to be extremely moody and difficult to understand.
Each individual, depending upon environment and personality, will approach and travel through this awkward stage of life differently. The following gives a general impression of how to better understand your teenager and if you’re a teenager yourself, your own behavioural patterns based on Sun-sign indications.


Adolescence is the time of life when the Aries teenager must learn to respect the ‘fiery’ side of their nature. When controlled, this strength, determination and enthusiasm will lead to many positive accomplishments. However, if allowed to run wild, this more aggressive side of their nature could lead to misunderstandings and conflict.
Generally, with a sense of security within their family (for during this stage, the Arian will be grateful for understanding support from parents) this will provide the chance for the more positive side of their nature to develop.
They will cast away their childish impulsiveness which will have led them into many a reckless situation and they will find positive directions in which to aim themselves in future years.


‘Growing up’ is not something to be rushed and the Taurus teenager could generally be said to be such an example. For this particular character will be sure to mature in their own sweet time! There will be times, therefore, when they might seem to be quite difficult, perhaps showing a general reluctance or slowness to come to a definite decision about their future aims. However, take a leaf out of this teenager’s book and have patience – something they have in abundance – for they will grow up and when they do, they will take their responsibilities seriously and choose their vocation with thoughtfulness, seriousness and deliberation.


The Gemini can be restless at the best of times. Expect, therefore, certain periods of unrest throughout their teenage years when they may drop previous aims or friendships to take up something completely different. Only to tire eventually of this too and begin experimenting again in other directions.
With an open mind, a parent could come to enjoy this teenager’s methods of coming to terms with adulthood – for these years will certainly be far from boring. - However, discreet encouragement to ‘nudge’ him or her into taking their future career plans seriously may, in the long term, be greatly appreciated by your Gemini offspring!


The Cancerian adolescent will need careful handling and bags of understanding to help them get through their teenage years without their feelings being hurt too many times. If ever you’re amused by their fumbling attempts at ‘playing’ at being grown-up, don’t ever let it show. Otherwise their confidence in themselves will suffer badly. Instead, encourage, advise and discuss problems man-to-man with them and gently urge them to build up their confidence, both in themselves and their abilities. This shy, emotional adolescent will then come to be a strong and very responsible adult.


Bear in mind when disciplining your Leo teenager, that very much like the Lion, the symbol for this Sun Sign, the Leo is a proud individual. Although it may seem that this strong, determined and sometimes fiery character would need the ‘heavy father’ routine to keep them under control, on the contrary: the Leo teenager will more willingly respond to reason.
Remind them in an adult manner, for instance, about the problems over-spending or over-generosity can lead to.
The Leo prefers to be ‘in control’, so adolescent years can be particularly difficult for this teenager when although almost adult, they still have to rely to a large extent on parental aid until they find the right opportunity to be more independent. Understand this proud teenager’s way of thinking and their teenage years will be far easier for both parent and adolescent.


There can sometimes be an air of ‘aloofness’ around the Virgo teenager so that you might think that this particular adolescent would have no problems in pushing their childhood years behind them to enter into adulthood.
However, that dignified exterior may hide a shy and uncertain nature. Just because they won’t openly discuss their worries and apprehensions, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. In fact, Virgos tend to worry over the most minute of matters until they build a mountain out of a molehill.
Encourage your Virgo teenager to discuss their feelings and uncertainties and this may help them to realise that you too, were once a teenager and that they certainly aren’t the only one to ever find such years a trial!


The teenage years are not so difficult for the Libran adolescent. Not particularly prone to scenes of anger or emotional outbursts, they will probably glide gracefully through these years as calmly as this Venus-ruled teenager generally accepts most things that come their way.
Not only this but if ever they do find certain periods difficult to cope with, they have an excellent imagination and they will simply lose themselves in their daydreams until they are better able to deal with the situation.
They will need reminding, every once in a while, however, that they must seriously consider their future career and make plans for such. Especially once they have discovered the fun and enjoyment of dating. Otherwise they may unintentionally forget their other responsibilities!


If you’ve not realised the strongly independent trait to your Scorpio child’s nature, their teenage years will be the time when this important aspect of their personality comes into full force. They may possibly have been a shy or retiring child but their independent (sometimes stubborn) and more serious qualities will now be emerging and it will be these traits which will help to build their confidence in themselves in maturity.
Respect their decisions as much as possible. They will not make important decisions lightly. And if you do disagree with them, discuss your worries and encourage them to explain themselves. They may not be able to put all their feelings into words. However, be sure that they will feel strongly that their opinions are the right ones and will be grateful if allowed to follow their own choices for their future without too many objections.


Curb your Sagittarian teenager’s social-life and they will probably rebel by increasing their outside activities. If you insist that they put aside a certain amount of time to study, then they may, for a while, neglect their studies altogether. Simply because of their distaste at being told what to do. Explain the reasoning behind your attitude – that they should study, for instance, in order to achieve the qualifications necessary to set them on a future career – and they will probably be more co-operative.
Here is an independent, freedom-loving and broadminded teenager who is searching for their ‘niche’ in life, experimenting with different religions, lifestyles and philosophies. Be patient with each stage, no matter how way-out it may seem and they will eventually decide upon their more serious goals.


Even through their ‘wildest’ period, it’s unlikely that the teenager with a strong Capricorn influence will lose his/her sense of honesty and integrity. They will take most things in life seriously and while, during teenager years, some of these could be centred upon themselves (their physical appearance, their ability to socialise and their love-life) there will still be a major interest in their studies and in their plans for a future career.
They may be difficult to understand during this adolescent period, especially as they could be unlikely or unable, to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings. However this teenager will rarely lose sight of their need for future security and, with this in mind, they will be serious over the studies or training which will guarantee future stability.


Ideally, as a mother of an Aquarian teenager, you should be patient, tolerant and virtually ‘unshockable!’ For those born under this sign of the Water Bearer are not only extremely individualistic, but modern, freedom-loving and most of all unpredictable. Your Aquarian teenager may leave the house one morning in suit and tie, to return in the evening with a mop of purple hair and studs all over their body. However, there’ll probably be a number of these phases (their experimenting with different images and lifestyles) and to tolerate them without showing too much objection or annoyance will probably be the easiest way of handling your Aquarian teenager.
A leopard can’t change his spots and neither can the Aquarian be expected to steer their restless and independent nature into a nine-to-five routine or dull career. Allow them as much freedom as possible to pursue their own interests. Otherwise the rebellious side of their nature may surface and believe me, this could be more difficult to deal with than their unusual and unpredictable phases!


The adolescent years of those born under the sign of the Fish will be particularly sensitive. Emotional outbursts may be difficult to patiently tolerate or understand but for a while at least, they may be a frequent occurrence until the Piscean adolescent learns how to control their strong current of emotions.
Be careful on your choice of words when in this teenager’s vicinity for they’re bound to take everything to heart. Try not to show amusement when their attempts to display adult tendencies fall comically wrong, or when their creative efforts go wrong. One tactless word and they will either lock themselves in their room, or stop trying altogether. Understanding and diplomatic advice may often be necessary during this sensitive period for the sensitive Piscean teenager.

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