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 Have you ever noticed that certain situations make you feel on top of the world whilst other circumstances might lead to agitation and frustration? You may wonder why one day you might feel unacceptably low, yet on another, happy and optimistic. Read up on your own and your family and friends Sun Signs to discover the type of conditions which lead to joy and contentment or to upset and depression.


There’ll be no midway point to keep the ambitious Arien happy for she is most content when she finally reaches the pinnacle of her ambitions. This will generally be in her attaining a position of leadership or power. Nonetheless, she will enjoy the struggle and striving to get there, so long as her progress is quick.
When her ‘butting’ horns make little or only slow impressions over her progress to reach the top, the Arien could lose interest and aim her sights elsewhere. The impatient streak to the Ram’s nature will find frustration when things go too slow for her and annoyance if someone else tries to tell her how to go about her business.
Her happiness lies in her ability to conquer all odds, to reach the heights of her current ambitions but always she will be on the lookout for new challenges to overcome.


Really Taureans isn’t asking for too much to keep her happy. Just a nice fat bank balance, a beautiful (and luxurious if possible) home, a loving family and a faithful mate!
This might actually sound quite greedy but it is true that material security will provide emotional satisfaction for the Taurean. And because she is determined and far from unwilling to put in more than her fair share of work and effort to attain her goals, it’s quite probably that many Taureans do achieve their worldly desires.
Taureans are slow thinkers and will feel extremely uncomfortable if rushed or if made to make impetuous decisions. The Taurean without a home, mate or family to cherish will feel as if there’s something sadly missing from her life.


There is an innate restlessness to the Gemini’s nature which needs to be appeased. The greater the variety of her lifestyle, the more happy those born under the sign of the Twins will be.
The ‘intellectual’ nature of this sign implies a need to express her quick wit through fast and often amusing conversation.
Travel, change, variety and lots of social engagements, are what the Gemini loves best. Monotony, routine, loneliness and the inability to feed and stimulate her mental curiosity will be the things that tend to get her down the most.


Through her home and family, the Cancerian will find most contentment. She will derive happiness through arranging family activities and in entertaining in her home. There is sentimentality to this sign – a deepness of emotional caring, which will gain pleasure through helping other people. And whilst basically home-loving, the Cancerian will also find joy through travel.
Cancer needs a form of ‘protection’ a place of retreat when she feels things are getting to be too much for her. This usually takes the shape of a home and loving family.
The Crab without her shell is an unhappy crab. The female Cancerian will be a house-proud woman and is bound to feel depressed when the home environment is chaotic or untidy.


Leo has a strong need for leadership. She will be able to express all her naturally outgoing, sociable and ’noble’ urges in such positions of high responsibility. She will be most happy when shown respect and appreciation from those around her, including her family and working associates.
There is no Sun sign more generous than the Leo who will love to share her time, money, possessions and experiences with others.
When unable to find outlets for her creative, ambitious tendencies and when not shown admiration or gratitude for the hard work Leo does or for her generosity, the Leo may feel unfulfilled.
Sun-ruled Leos are basically optimistic by nature and never likely to stay low for very long.


Happiness, for the Virgo, is in security, even routine; in knowing exactly where she stands in life and in being able to care for, or serve others.
Pleasure will be found through work, through reading or simply by walking in the country, enjoying fresh-air and her appreciation of nature.
The Virgo will not demand much in way of payment for the hard work and service she is willing to offer those around her. A mere ‘thank you’ from others will really make her day.
Virgos aren’t the most optimistic of temperaments. Indeed, hers is more to fuss and worry rather than relax and look on the bright side. She is a stickler for hygiene, routine and order, so she won’t take too kindly to untidiness, disorder, lack of cleanliness or uncouth behaviour from others.


When able to give full expression to her natural artistic and musical talents, and when shown admiration and appreciation of her ability by others, the Libran will wallow in joy and contentment.
Librans love being with others, sharing her ideas and dreams. Harmonious relationships are a key happiness factor for those born under the sign of the Balance. Beauty, friendship and tranquil surroundings will please the Libran. Discord, anger, dirt and unseemliness come high on her list of pet-hates.
Loneliness would also depress the socially-inclined Libran who will go out of her way to avoid having to put up with his own company for too long.


Unlike those born under her preceding sign, the Scorpio is quite happy to work alone. The Scorpio is a striver and quite a perfectionist too. She will not be truly happy, therefore, until she achieves the goals she sets for herself and is satisfied also, with the methods used. The Scorpio takes a serious attitude towards her spare time interests – an extension to the thoughtful earnestness she aims towards in her life. But she will be happy when able to dedicate time and effort to her interests.
A Scorpio without serious interests, without goals to work towards and without a degree of challenge in her life will be an unfulfilled woman.
The Scorpio’s deep emotional nature needs also a physical outlet. A compatible partner who shares her passions, both physically and emotionally will provide her with much satisfaction.


Adventure, mental-stimulation and variety are forerunners to the Sagittarian’s needs to reach fulfilment. Every-striving towards appeasing her enquiring, philosophical mind and her restless inclinations which keep her on the move, the Sagittarian will find most happiness through travel, study, change and variety.
Monotony, boredom, routine and feeling ‘hemmed-in’ by responsibilities, circumstances or the people in her life will soon have her reorganising her lifestyle.
She can be lucky and optimistic and those ruled by the joy-bringer, Jupiter, will never stay down or unhappy for too long!


With no mountains to climb, no goals to work towards, the Capricorn will feel as if something is lacking in her life. Feeding her ambitious tendencies through hard work and discipline will see the Capricorn replete with satisfaction.
Security through a happy family, a steady income and a job with excellent future prospects spell ‘happiness’ to the Capricorn. Reaching the top of the ladder, bringing her success and respect for her past efforts will be the peak of her contentment.
Fast-living, carelessness, carefree attitudes and unwillingness to face up to responsibilities do not gain Capricorn support whilst the Saturn-ruled Capricorn, when low, can sink to unimaginable depths of depression. And when in such a mood, she is best left to come out of this herself, in her own, patient time.


Unrestricted by rules, regulations, authority, obligations, pomp and ceremony will be a happy Aquarian!
Humanitarian, she will love to help others and be a part of a group or organisation. For her social relationships bring her a lot of pleasure. Being far-sighted, she will enjoy playing with ideas which may bring inventions to aid future progress and, being independent, she will prefer to feel free to come and go as she pleases both in her family and working environment.
Having to dress up in a suit will bring instant signs of claustrophobia! Bound to anything by ties or obligations will set her blood-pressure rising. Even in marriage the Aquarian should be allowed a certain degree of personal liberty. Above all, those born under the sign of the Water Bearer, need to feel free.


The Piscean’s depth of sensitivity, caring and understanding will derive a great deal of pleasure through helping others.
Support and behind-the-scenes activity rather than positions of leadership will be where the Piscean will be most happy.
When developing her artistic or musical talents, Pisces is able to contentedly lose herself in the peaceful world of her imagination. Another outlet for her strong waves of emotion such as a really good comedy or a romance which will have the tears rolling down her cheeks in happiness will really make her happy!
Pisceans aren’t too pleased when called on to make important decisions or when having to handle too much responsibility. She will prefer the supportive role rather than the role of authority.

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