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FREE Text a Psychic

* LOVE *LIFE * CAREER * MONEY * LUCK Text MYSTIC to 78887 and your question! First 3 replies are FREE! Cost £1.50 per message. Maximum of 3 messages per reply.  Standard network charges apply for messages sent. Terms and Conditions: Cost £1.50 per message. Maximum of 3 messages per reply. Standard network charges apply […]

He Ripped Off My Mum!

Lesley met Dan on an on line dating site, her children were upset about it. Granted she was a widow, and felt lonely, but the way she was carrying on with that man was just not on they said. She was telling him everything about her personal life, no holds barred. Tracey, Lesley’s daughter rang […]

My Boyfriend Is Bisex!

James is gorgeous; in fact his mates call him “The Bond”, a lookalike for Shaun Connery, in his younger years of course. When James and Lilly were out and about, male and female heads turned, it was his charisma, Lilly told Roberta, her favourite reader. Lilly began to suspect something was not quite “on” with […]

My Boyfriend Fancied My Mother

Daisy was convinced Derek was the next best thing to sliced bread; her friends called them “Bonnie and Clyde” since to all intents and purposes they were quite an item and constantly up to mischief. Derek was a lookalike for Chris Martin; Daisy was just Daisy, pretty and vivacious. They met at her girl friend’s […]

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