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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
Love: The best thing you can do to cultivate a rewarding love life is to relinquish control. Be open to love in all its forms. If you're single, go out with different types of people. If you are in a relationship stop trying to change your partner. The only person you can alter is yourself. If you're not happy, don't lay the blame at your lover's feet. Make it your mission to connect with people and activities that bring you joy. Doing the things, you love will either enhance your relationship or give you the courage to make a break. Happily, your relationship prospects for the final three months of the year are excellent. If you are looking for love, you could find it with someone who shares your love for art, music and film. If you decide to stay with a committed partner, you could reach a whole new level of happiness. The second weekend of November is perfect for getting engaged or married. Going on a romantic vacationholiday is also strongly recommended at this time. Luck: You'll have tremendous luck with improving your health in 2017, particularly between January and early October. Take this opportunity to get in shape, improve your diet and practice relaxation techniques. If you take good care of your body, you'll feel energised and attractive. Your increased energy will attract a range of job opportunities. If you've been out of work, you'll get at least one good job offer. A position involving writing, research or teaching could come your way in July. Accept this opportunity, as it will bring both intellectual stimulation and emotional fulfilment. In mid-October, your good fortune will take the form of a relationship. Teaming up with a romantic or business partner will put you in the path of love, money and creative fulfilment. If you work in an artistic field, you would be wise to join forces with a talented agent, manager or editor. When you feel as if you're out of your depth, don't hesitate to hire a seasoned professional. You'll greatly benefit from their expertise so don't begrudge them their fee. Loot: If you work for yourself, finding business will be easy between January and early October. Take this opportunity to expand your customer base and increase your offerings. Hiring additional staff is also a possibility. Are you unemployed? Accept a series of temporary positions. Eventually, you'll find a job that seems tailor made to fit your talents. Landing a permanent position at this company will be easy. A trying relationship in your career will come to an end in early August, thanks to a cathartic Lunar Eclipse. You'll breathe a sigh of relief when an oppressive authority figure or toxic client leaves your midst. Paying off a big debt will take lots of time and energy throughout 2017. Put yourself on a strict budget to eliminate these bills. Don't get discouraged. Achieving financial freedom is possible. It's also one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Keep the faith. There may not be much extra money for luxuries, but that will change once you repay your creditors. Enlist the help of a money management agencyexpert if you're in over your head. Life: A difficult family matter will be resolved in early February, thanks to a cleansing Lunar Eclipse. Breaking off a toxic relationship, ending an old grudge or tying up an estate will bring an end to a phase of care and concern. A Solar Eclipse in late August could allow you to move to a beautiful home. You can find a wonderful place that affords easy access to restaurants, shops and cultural pursuits. If you're happy with your current abode, take this opportunity to do some improvements or add a bathroom or bedroom. Your belief system could undergo a significant change in 2017. You could switch political parties, take up a religious practice or adopt a totally different philosophy. Expanding your horizons can be wonderfully fulfilling. You might even decide to go on a spiritual pilgrimage this year. Visiting an ancient city can make you feel more connected to your ancestors or other people who share your values. This will be a welcome change from feelings of isolation that can occur in the modern world.   

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