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GEMINI - May 22nd - June 21st
Love: Your romantic prospects will be excellent between January and early October. This is a wonderful time to play the field, have fun and fall in love. If you're already in a relationship, your union will assume a playful quality that puts a spring in your step. Your physical bond will be especially strong. Exploring your sensual side with a trusted partner will be fulfilling. You may not feel compelled to get engaged or married this year. Waiting to achieve financial security before exchanging vows is strongly advised. If you have a partner, you may have to make some personal sacrifices for their benefit. These selfless gestures will pay off handsomely. It will give you great pleasure to help your partner while they are in training or getting extra qualifications, recovering from an illness or finding a new job. By sticking close together, you'll achieve a level of trust you never thought possible. You might even decide to launch a business together as a means to escape the rat race. Go for it; you'll make a success of this venture. Luck: You'll have tremendous good fortune with creative pursuits during the first ten months of 20176. Whether you're a performing artist, writer or craftsperson, you could make a lot of money from your talent. Take this opportunity to go on auditions, submit your work for publication or sell your handiwork. In mid-October, your health will get much stronger. Take this opportunity to improve your diet, get more exercise and practice relaxation techniques. If you've been dealing with a persistent ache or pain, a talented health professional can pinpoint the source of the trouble. Follow their advice to the letter. Ending a toxic relationship or leaving an oppressive work situation is also advised. Finding a better job will be easy between mid-October and the end of the year. Working at night could be a good arrangement for you. Alternatively, you might get a job restoring works of art or repairing environmental damage. Pursue work opportunities that fill you with passion. Being excited to go to work every day will increase your energy and fuel your creativity. Loot: An exciting career opportunity is possible in late February, courtesy of a stimulating Solar Eclipse. Getting paid to share your expertise with others will be the answer to a prayer. If you're in business for yourself, it will be no trouble finding more clients between mid-October and the end of the year. Take this opportunity to increase your fees or raise prices. Loyal customers who appreciate your excellent work will be happy to pay what you are worth. If you're thinking of a career change, pursue work involving the arts. Contrary to conventional wisdom, you can make a handsome profit from your imagination. A job with fantastic benefits is worth taking. Take advantage of a generous pension plan or tuition reimbursement deal. Such offers are worth their weight in gold, especially in today's economy. Make sure to contribute to a profit agreement. Choosing not to participate will be like throwing away free money. Have a portion of each your paycheque automatically diverted into this fund. This could be one of the smartest financial decisions you'll ever make. Life: You will reconsider your day to day living arrangements throughout late July and August. Although this won't be a good time to sign a lease or close a property deal, it will be a good opportunity to explore your options. By September, you'll be ready to leave a difficult household arrangement for a more comfortable one. Be willing to explore neighbourhoods you wouldn't ordinarily visit. The perfect place will present itself when you least expect it. A close relationship will show signs of strain throughout December. Avoid getting drawn into silly arguments. Take everything your best friend or romantic partner says with a pinch of salt. Tolerance and compassion will go a long way towards preserving your partnership. By the time Christmas arrives, you'll realise you still adore each other. Be patient and keep the pressure off. If you're asked to sign a contract, hold off until the New Year. The final days of 2017 should be spent having fun and enjoying the company of loved ones. There will be plenty of opportunity to resume business as usual in 2018.   

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