A New Seven-Year itch Begins!

May 15th 15.16 GMT Uranus, the planet of change, revolution and radical reforms enters Taurus. Irresistible force (Uranus) meets the immovable object (Taurus).

For your sign

Aries: The central force is on your finances. Use your originality to make money but prepare for unexpected happenings to force you into doing something you never dreamed you would do. The key to success comes from using your self-taught skills, especially technically.

Taurus: This is all about you! Over the next seven years expect the unexpected! You will deal with it best by being flexible and fluid. Your look, image and the impression you give to others will alter dramatically. Suddenly you are imbued with a charisma that magnetises all who cross your path.

Gemini: A spiritual revolution begins. You must be selfless in all you do. Secrets will be revealed so anything you get involved with must be honest and above-board or you’ll be found out. Your intuition is formidable from now on but don’t go against it. Do good to others as you would to yourself.

Cancer: Your future has a rainbow tinge, by that I mean the more ‘different’ you are in your approach and long-term vision the further you will go. Wacky, but brilliant friends will show you the error of your ways if you try to stay as you were or hideaway in the past. Live and let live!

Leo: If there’s a problem it will stem from your lack of embracing the future in your career. These next few years can bring altercations with bosses or authority figures who will stick to a well-trodden path and not branch out. But you know the key to success is by striking out on your own.

Virgo: The call of the wild will excite. You will want to travel far not simply physically by globe-trotting, but mentally too. The allure of unorthodox creeds and cultures and the anticipation of learning new things that put you far and above your peers is a magnet to your mind. Be adventurous; be the inventor.

Libra: The unusual magnetism that Uranus throws into the recesses of your sexual passions and psyche will create a sensual surge. Whatever your sexuality you will feel urges and desires that bring out an inner you that will reveal a side deep down that comes to the surface in a torrent of feelings.

Scorpio: Relationships in a rut will go through a seven-year-itch unless you both make decisions to add spice into your life together. It’s not all about love for Uranus favours the platonic and a business worked by two will go places by embracing new ideas and doing something different for all.

Sagittarius: The essence of this Uranian transit is health. On the downside be warned of stress, tension and high blood pressure. On the plus side you can alleviate it all by trying something off-the-wall. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, sports, exercise, you need to open your mind, body and spirit.

Capricorn: Creatively this is one of the most exciting times ever BUT and it’s a big one you’ve got to be prepared to take a chance. Following a strict line or uttering those fatal lines “but that’s how I’ve always done it!” won’t work. It’s time to unleash your creative spirit and live a little …. or a lot.

Aquarius: Uranus is your planet so the changes, sometimes upheaval often rebellion he brings is something you can handle. It will centre on your home, family and domestic world so all those things that have become familiar to you will alter and change. Don’t fight it, accept it: emotional imprisonment from your past will soon be a thing of the past. Be true to yourself always.

Pisces: Your brainpower is a switch onto a lightning bolt of pure electricity which makes for brilliance. Ingenuity in the way you think, write, study and the way you deal with everyday things will be enlightening. People will see the change in you as your old mindset is magically changed to a new outlook.

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