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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st
Love: 2018 offers great rewards on the relationship front, particularly from January 1st through to November 8th. If you want to get engaged or married, this is the ideal time to pop the question. The weekend of June 1st is ideal for proposing or exchanging vows. Are you single? Chances to meet the love of your life will be especially strong between mid-July and early August, so be sure to get out and mingle during this stimulating time. By the time November arrives, an intimate relationship will assume a new intensity. You may decide to overhaul a committed relationship by spending more quality time together. Either you or your partner may decide to find ways to improve the way you communicate and share with each other. It's also possible your amour will get a pay rise or promotion, allowing you to improve your quality of life. If you're ending a marriage, you could walk away with a generous settlement. It's even possible you'll remain friends with your ex, making it much easier to embrace your new single status.
Luck: Partnerships will be a source of good fortune for you this year. If you want to start your own business, consider taking on a silent partner. Working with someone who has extensive experience in the field will help you avoid expensive pitfalls. Are you looking for work? Joining an employment agency can help you land your dream job. Performing artists can benefit from a great agent or manager. Are you looking for a new home? Work with an expert who has an impressive track record. Having someone to represent your interests from January through to November will pay off handsomely. During the last two months of the year, you may get an unexpected boost to your bank balance. An inheritance, dividend or legal settlement will help you achieve financial security. Use this windfall to put a deposit on a car or home. If you have a romantic partner, they could land a lucrative job, allowing you to afford luxuries that were previously out of reach. Improved finances will also draw you closer together.
Loot: Working for a company based overseas could be extremely profitable in 2018. Alternatively, if you are seeking employment, think seriously about living abroad. Working for an educational, religious or cultural institution will improve your financial status and increase your professional success. If your employer offers paid training, take advantage of the program. Earning advanced qualifications at no personal expense to you is a great deal. An especially exciting career opportunity will arrive near February 15th, when a Solar Eclipse puts you in line for a lucrative job. You want a pay rise, and who doesn't? Go for one between April 25th and May 19th, when your prospects for earning more money are strong. Your very best chances for increasing your income will arrive via a business or romantic partner. Their moneymaking abilities will have a big impact on your own lifestyle. Paying off debts and establishing financial security is a possibility between November 8th and the end of the year. You could also take out a bank loan or refinance your mortgage during this enriching period.
Life: Get ready to change gear in 2018. The year ahead will see you delving deeply into a philosophy, religious practice or advanced course of study. If you feel the urge to go on a spiritual pilgrimage, do it. Traveling overseas will be enlightening. Instead of clinging to the ideas that were passed on to you during childhood, you'll start developing a belief system that resonates with your morals. This could cause some strain on the family front, particularly near January 31st, when a Lunar Eclipse creates stress on the domestic front. Changing your look, assuming a different lifestyle or adopting another belief system are all possibilities from the middle of May onwards. Doing what you want to do will become increasingly important as the year goes on. Instead of worrying about what others think, you'll be intent on being true to yourself. This will be liberating. Instead of clinging stubbornly to traditional modes of thought, you'll be more likely to experiment. This will especially come through in your creative work, which will take on a compelling new quality.   

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