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SAGITTARIUS - November 23rd - December 21st
The Sagittarian doggie is everyone's best buddy. Complete strangers are their long lost friends and they will give them a welcome that will bowl them over. They are big characters, restraint and self-control are not their big thing, instead they are clumsy, over enthusiastic and love to always be out and about with their favourite people. Sagittarians are fast learners and love to please so they are the natural extrovert performers of the canine world and the louder the applause the more they will play to the crowd. The four legged Sagittarian loves company and hates being alone, they need people more than toys and will work very hard at making themselves the most popular member of the household. Because they are full of vim and vigour they can be accident prone so guard your ornaments and teacups against that swishing tail and watch out for toddlers who might literally get bowled over by the exuberant friendship of this playful pooch. If your Sagittarian doggie is a big breed you will need to brace yourself for the hearty welcome you will get when you come home from work or even when you have left the room for five minutes. At bed time they will want to be with you at the foot of the bed or at least outside the bedroom door so don't trip up over them in the night.   

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