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LIBRA - September 24th - October 23rd
There was something very quiet about you in a past life and it seems that you weren't as sociable or outgoing as you will be now. Somehow, you found it difficult to demonstrate your feelings and emotions and this may have been quite restricting for you. You will have been cautious to an extent in which this may have stopped you from 'letting go' and really having fun. It's as if there was so much responsibility, duty and obligation towards others that you didn't really ever get the chance to understand yourself for who you were.

Relationships will not have been your strong point then. If you were married, then it's likely to have been a marriage of convenience. Or perhaps there will have been some discontentment or mistrust. Because of this, your one-to-one relationships are of huge importance to you in this, your present existence.

There were connections, in a previous incarnation, with the sick and poor, or with healing. You will have been a serious and responsible person - much more sombre and serious than you are now. - And it's likely that you will have been in service to others.

Now this might simply mean that you were a paid member of a large household - you know, a servant, cook, gardener and the like. - And in this, there will have been a possible interest in herbal medicines. It could be that you worked in a crowded Victorian kitchen, surrounded by copper pans and saucepans. Or, in another life, you may have been a doctor, nurse, surgeon or pharmacist.
I don't like to mention famous people as most people were just 'ordinary folk' in their past lives. However, there may have been links, for instance, with Florence Nightingale, a hospital reformer who during the Crimean War organised a nursing service to relieve the sufferings of the British soldiers.

There may have been a connection with Oliver Holmes, an American doctor and author of the eighteen hundreds. Or even, Louis Pasteur, the eminent French chemist and scientist whose research in connection with bacteriology, cholera and other diseases have been of immense benefit to human kind.

What I'm trying to do here, is build up a picture of the type of person you were and the type of circumstances in which you lived. And the other thing I'm getting from the past are links with military services. - Now remember, that there may have been more than one life and each life is a new learning experience. - You may have been a Soldier in Victorian times or you may perhaps have fought in the Crimean War. What is suggested, is that you did, in a previous existence, experience the horrors of war. - The anguish and pain of battle. - And because of this, you seem, in your current life, to prefer peace and harmony.

So, what might you have learned from your past existences? Well, it seems as if you have lived a number of times and you have had many meaningful experiences. You have lived through romantic and peaceful times AND through war. You have experienced fun and pleasure and you have been through pain and sorrow. All this, is what makes you the person you are now.

In your most recent life, there will have possibly been links with medicine and helping others. Or you may have been in service to others. Your life will have been devoted to people and society in general and you will have made many sacrifices. This is perhaps why you're more easy-going and fun-loving in your present life.

There will be a need for periods of enjoyment and relaxation in this life. There is a desperate desire for peace and harmony. Indeed, wouldn't it be nice to think that THIS life should be a 'respite' or a 'lull' as it were, from the type of lives you have experienced before?   

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