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PISCES - February 20th - March 20th
You may not be surprised to hear that you are coming to an end of a cycle of Karma. This doesn't, however mean that this is your final life. What it means is that you've reached the end of one stage of experience and ahead of you are new beginnings.

Behind you, lies a vast amount of experience and that's why there's something very intuitive and even psychic about your current life. You have reached a stage where you fully realise that what we can see, touch, feel and smell is not ALL there is. You can tune into the more spiritual side of your life through your dreams and your strong levels of intuition.

So, what can I tell you about your past lives? Well, your most recent one will be the one that has most affect on your current existence. And you will have been a sociable, forward-looking individual. You won't so much have been occupied with spiritual or emotional matters then. But you will have been developing your mental abilities and a strong awareness of humanity which is bound to be felt, at times, in your present life.

It might be hard to believe that you were an amazingly 'unconventional' person in your past incarnation. Indeed, whereas relationships are so important to you now, in your past life, you could basically 'take them or leave them'. There will have been few really close friends but at the same time, you WERE a popular person, don't get me wrong. It's just that you were more likely to have had many friends and comrades as opposed to more intense relationships.

Because of this, you may be more careful about choosing your friends in this existence. It could possibly be that you will prefer to associate with a selected few who you can trust and rely on. It might even be said that you're not as outgoing or as gregarious as you will have been in the past.

What is also apparent, from your past incarnations, is an intelligence which may have put you a little 'ahead' of your companions. It is possible that you worked in the scientific fields. You were perhaps even, an inventor. - There may, for instance have been links with folk such as Robert Fulton in the late seventeen hundreds. He was an inventive American engineer who distinguished himself by experiments in the application of steam to navigation.

But there was also something very philosophical about your nature and the names that spring to mind here are: Thomas Hobbes who was an English philosopher in the early sixteen hundreds. He was a "child of his age" in his enthusiasm for scientific enquiry and his works provoked others into seeing things with new eyes.
Or there may have been a connection with Octavia Hill in the eighteen hundreds. She was a noted pioneer, an English social reformer who took a practical interest in the housing conditions of the poor, and a pioneer in slum clearance in London.

Now although I've mentioned some names here, I'm not saying that you were anyone so famous. What I'm try to do is give you an idea of the type of person you may have been. What I'm also basically drawn to, are your links with discovery and invention. So, if, for instance, you lived in the Middle Ages, there may have been an affinity with men like Friar Bacon who were experimenting in medicine and explosives, or with someone like John of Wallingford who was exploring the problems of mathematics.

But what is it that you might have learned, from your past life? Well, I think that you have experienced a number of incarnations and that suggests a variety of lessons. You will have lived in times when the only one you really had to think about was yourself. But there will have been other lives in which you were wholly devoted and dedicated towards helping others. In your more recent life, you WILL have helped others not so much through personal contact, but through your forward-looking attempts to aid humanity.

But there may have been something missing in your past life and I think this may have been a meaningful, loving relationship. And that's why you're more sensitive, emotional and romantic in this life. That's also why your close relationships are so important to you.

Also, in some way, in your past life, you will have held yourself back from other people. Not always will you have been able to understand what it was like to be in someone else's shoes. In this life then, you are more sensitive and caring. Indeed, you have learned that you don't have to remain detached to help others. - Somehow, in this life, you will show your compassion in more practical ways.


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