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CANCER - June 22nd - July 23rd
June 21st - 25th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Grace and Elegance. He influences joy and intelligence. You have a kind and gentle nature and you prefer to follow, than to lead. Other people enjoy your company because they can relax and be themselves with you. You are intuitive and intelligent, with a good memory. You are a romantic with strong passion and deep desires. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will make a difference in other peoples' lives through your kindness and compassion.

June 26th - July 1st: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Virtuosity and he dominates theology and religion. You have a wonderful imagination and this inspires you to delve into areas that are artistic and spiritual. Your creative talents are inspired by mystical feelings and experiences. You are curious about foreign cultures and their customs and you respect tradition. With the help of your Zodiac Angel you will gain a greater understanding of religion and a deeper sense of your own place in the world.

July 2nd - 6th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Poetry and he protects against unfavourable spirits. You have a versatile mind and imagination and this helps you discover ways of life and ways of thinking that keep you interested and on your toes. Your creative imagination is inspired through meditation and introspection. You also have powers of premonition. In romance you are sensual and passionate. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will inspire others by expressing your beliefs and feelings through poetry and prose.

July 7th - 12th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Philanthropy. He also protects against Storms and shipwrecks. You have an affectionate and down-to-earth nature. You find it easy to understand other people and you can sense what they're feeling and thinking. You have a natural gift for diplomacy. Sometimes you tend to live in the past when you should be considering the future. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will improve the life of your fellow men through your interests and through the work that you do.

July 13th - 17th: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Servitude and he dominates medicinal herbs and protects against the dangers of travel. You are peace-loving in nature and you like quiet, tranquil places. You benefit through reflection and meditation and tuning in to nature. You genuinely care for other people and you want to help those who are less fortunate than yourself. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will find ways to look after others and to cure illness and suffering.

July 18th - 22nd: Your Guardian Angel is the Angel of Sensitivity and he watches over the pure in heart. You have a kind and gentle nature. You are a faithful friend and loyal lover. You are intuitive and can sometimes see the future in your dreams. Your dreams will also provide artistic, spiritual or poetic inspiration. With the help of your Zodiac Angel, you will live a happy life; your conscience guiding you in the right directions.


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