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LIBRA - September 24th - October 23rd
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. First of all, let me tell you what the astro-guide says about the Libran's

Graceful Librans are very conscious about their bodies. Ruled by the planet Venus, they've got more than their fair share of handsome looks and they'll want to keep it that way. A small appetite should help keep their figures in trim but if they can't help indulging their sweet tooth, they won't be able to avoid the chubby consequences.

Librans like to eat in company but for their emotional well-being, mealtimes must be peaceful. They don't go in for strong flavours, having more delicate tastes but because they can't resist the temptation of chocolates, meringues, souffles and cream cakes, weight-gain has a tendency of creeping up on them.
Ailments most common to Librans are back and kidney problems, eczema and lumbago. Heavy exercise holds no appeal as they can be quite lazy but if they can share their workouts or enjoy the outdoors on a bicycle made for two, they may succumb.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Librans appreciate beautiful surroundings and one way of finding relaxation is through travel. When choosing a holiday, they often go for the scenery. Few Librans enjoy travelling on their own. It's nice to tour with friends and loved-ones as they'll need someone to have fun with. At the other end of the scale, they don't feel comfortable among crowds.

Librans like to drive and they have nothing against jumping into the car and exploring new places. Indeed, this probably holds more interest than basking in the sun. - Librans easily burn and when out in the hot sun, they should be sure to drink plenty of water.

What else can I tell you about the Libran's health and diet? Well, Librans aren't the most energetic of signs. They need their beauty sleep and restless nights soon tell on their temper. The seventh sign is the sign of balance, and balance in diet, work and leisure is important for the Libran's lifestyle. Noise and discord have an adverse effect on their health. A harmonious environment helps soothe their sensitive nerves.

The Libran's eating habit is important because this sign rules the kidneys. Over indulgence in alcohol is not recommended. They should drink plenty of water and fruit juices and choose salads rather than the gourmet dishes they love so much.

Then, as I've already mentioned, Librans love to exercise in tandem. If a friend goes along with them, they'll give anything a try - as long as it's not too demanding! Tennis, badminton, ballroom dancing, snooker and table-tennis will appeal. Often the condition of the Libran's hair, eyes and skin reflects their health. So, if they look awful, then they probably feel it too!

When it comes to the Libran's diet, heavy meals hold no appeal. Attractive and colourful buffets where the Libran can enjoy small mouthfuls and talk at the same time is more their style. Librans just love those extra little touches which make for a tasteful presentation. Messy food, greasy cafes and slovenly waiters turn them cold. Librans don't find it easy to lose weight however it's all a question of balance something which does come more naturally. If they can balance the amount of energy they take in with the amount of energy they burn, they'll be sailing.

The most important thing for Librans is balance and harmony. In a stressful world, this isn't always easy to find, so they should cut corners whenever they can and make the most of convenience meals. Especially when they are under pressure at work.

Librans should be sure to get plenty of the B vitamins, especially B1 which is known as the 'morale' vitamin because of its beneficial effect on the nervous system. They should take a supplement IF they think they need to and the best sources are: brown or wild rice, wholewheat, oatmeal, peanuts, pork fresh vegetables and milk. It's also a good idea for Librans to avoid too much caffeine. If they really feel they must have some then try making do with weak tea. Otherwise, being born under the sign of the balance, too much caffeine could throw them out of kilter   

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