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PISCES - February 20th - March 20th

Pisces male ...

Love is an extremely important matter. Pisces needs love and he has to be in love in order to feel completely fulfilled. As a lover, he is attentive, imaginative and true. He may be a bit of a dreamer, full of hopes and wonderful intentions, but he will thrill his partner with the imaginative way he expresses his love. He should take care in choosing a partner. He needs someone who is kind and understanding. - Romantic too.

Pisces female ...

In love relationships, she is loving, emotional and sensitive. There is tenderness and compassion in her outlook. She enjoys giving and will do all she can to keep her partner happy. Although faithful in love, she will experience her fair share of affairs. Dreaming is an important part of her life and you'll always have a dream-lover. She needs a strong partner. Someone to trust and rely on. Someone to share her dreams with.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Pisces -

Aries - You may find Aries a little too domineering at times but this could be quite a reasonable relationship. Aries is fiery and impetuous. They will inspire you. If you feel strongly about each other, you will make an effort to fit in with their general lifestyle.

Taurus - You could share many interests and needs together. You're both romantic and you are both yearning for steadfastness and loyalty in love. In each other you may have found the partner you've been searching for all your lives.

Gemini - Gemini may not understand your deep emotional needs. This relationship may
work well on the surface and you will get on as friends. However, emotionally, you aren't always in tune and physically, you may not be overly compatible either.

Cancer - There will be emotional closeness and many similarities. You will feel as if this relationship was meant to be. There are shared interests. You're both imaginative and intuitive. You should enjoy each other's company.

Leo - Romance will be dramatic, glamorous and exotic. Leo may not however be very understanding when it comes to your sensitive nature. You could get hurt. Leo will be a good companion but too demanding a lover.

Virgo - Virgo may find it hard to understand your ever-changing moods. You will find Virgo rather critical and analytical in their attitude towards relationships. You want romance, passion and excitement. It's unlikely Virgo will provide this.

Libra - You could become jealous of the more outgoing and flirtatious Libran. Will you ever understand their sociable ways? You are sensitive and sensual and you dream of passion with a capital P. Libra is a romantic but you can't help feel this relationship lacks that certain something special.

Scorpio - You will be able to relate to each other's emotional needs. You understand each other completely. There is physical and intellectual compatibility. A strong spiritual link too. - A three-star relationship!

Sagittarius - The Archer is far too independent for you. They're adventurous and a risk-taker. You enjoy excitement but not constant stimulation. You like to pause for quiet romantic moments of togetherness. You won't get many of these with a Sagittarian!

Capricorn - Capricorn could give you the firm-hand and the security you may be looking for. You respect each other's outlook on life and there are many areas of compatibility. Capricorn may not be demonstrative in their loving but maybe they could learn from you!

Aquarius - Aqua will provide the love and compassion you need but they may not understand your changing moods. You will be good friends. But as lovers, you may long for more commitment, stability and romance.

Pisces - Enjoy the fantasy! Because that's what this romance could be. You're both in search of a soul-mate, a perfect romance, heaven on earth. Maybe in each other you will find this. You can satisfy each other's need for love and understanding and can share many dreams together.   

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