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VIRGO - August 24th - September 23rd

Virgo male ...

Sometimes he seems shy when it comes to love relationships and he probably finds it easier if he has worked with, or known a potential partner for some time beforehand. Virgo is a perfectionist and for a happy relationship, his partner needs to get used to his critical ways. He is practical and intellectual and has high expectations of a partner. He is faithful in love.

Virgo female ....

The physical aspect of a relationship is of secondary importance to Virgo. She needs an intelligent and trustworthy companion. - Looks don't come into the picture! - She will choose her ideal partner with care and caution and she won't object to having a long wait before finding her true love. She is not overly demonstrative but she will be a loyal mate.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Virgo -

Aries - You're a cautious, careful person. Aries is impetuous and sometimes ego-centric. They prefer things uncomplicated, you desire commitment and dedication. There is no routine, order or organisation to the Arian's life, can you cope? Maybe Aries will be a little too fast for you.

Taurus - Taurus has a strong personality and you will admire their self-assurance and respect their beliefs. Taurus is interested in their appearance and they have good tastes. They can be conservative in their ways and this will suit you fine. Just as long as Taurus meets up to your expectations, the relationship could be a good one.

Gemini - You're both ruled by Mercury so there's common ground to work on. You will both enjoy mental companionship. However Gemini is versatile and loves things that are new and novel. You prefer constancy and permanence. Their attitude to romance is likely to be too casual for your liking.

Cancer - You'll both work hard at this relationship but Cancer can be very sensitive and sometimes you will have to watch what you say. You can be critical in your thinking. Cancer's mind operates through their emotions and this makes them sensitive and romantic. Get used to their sulks and you might do okay!

Leo - Leo would have to meet with your high standards, but the relationship could be worked at. Leo has a generous, passionate and fiery nature. There will be much you will respect about them and Leo will be faithful and true. However, their extravagance and benevolence to all could sometimes irritate you!

Virgo - There is bound to be some common ground to form a relationship but this could become a battle of wits! You are both predominantly intellectual and rational. Both are highly analytical and you both have fantastic memories. Relationships are based on a sense of duty and commitment rather than anything too romantic. This union has potential.

Libra - Easy-going Libra may not meet up to your expectations. You can be fussy and critical and Libra will be too sensitive and touchy. Libra craves happy relationships and a harmonious environment and they will do their best to please you. But it could be that their best just won't be enough.

Scorpio - Scorpio is serious and loyal. They are committed to their relationships and they take their love-life very seriously. Scorpio is one of the most passionate and highly-sexed signs of the zodiac. This may sound rather daunting. If there is respect in this union, the relationship could be highly satisfying.

Sagittarius - The out-going, freedom-loving Archer will have many interests outside this relationship. You might feel they aren't committed enough and you could expect a lot more. You have a strong sense of duty, Sagittarius takes a more easy-going view of their responsibilities. Mentally, emotionally and physically, there is little romantic compatibility.

Capricorn - There will be shared interests which make for a compatible relationship. You are both born under Earth signs and you will enjoy a relationship that is strong and enduring. You share a similar emotional attitude: cool and kind. Physically, there is strong compatibility too.

Aquarius - Aquarius could be far too liberated for your more conservative tastes. You are both intelligent and there will be a strong friendship. You are particularly good at detailed work and you are a perfectionist. Aquarius has an individualistic approach to life. They can be eccentric and you might feel uncertain about this.

Pisces - You are practical, Pisces is a dreamer. You have a realistic no-nonsense approach to romance. Pisces is a true romantic. Piscean's emotions are all-embracing and you find this difficult to deal with. There may be problems when you get together.   

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