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CAPRICORN - December 22nd - January 20th
The road to triumph lies within you. Yours is a methodical and careful nature. You are always on the lookout for chances to climb the success ladder and it won't even matter how much of a struggle it will be to get to your goals. You can adjust yourself to any hardship to attain your own ends.

You are an extremely independent person. You don't have to seek anyone's approval or permission for anything. You much prefer to make your own mind up on what your next step will be. Interference from others will only annoy you.

You will encounter many ups and downs in your life, basically because you are a sincere and trustworthy person. There is a strong sensitivity to your nature and you find it difficult to know how to cope with criticism.

Your acute mind is one of your strongest points and this will help you succeed in your profession. You may not be as imaginative or inventive as some you know, but yours is a rational and serious mind. You can plan ahead in detail and your thought patterns are constructive. You can be quite stubborn and once you've made your decisions, there'll be no turning back.

You take nothing lightly. Everything you do will be done in great seriousness and your ambitions are high.

You could never be accused of becoming overly-optimistic. If anything, you would rather look on the dark side, than get too excited only to be disappointed. However, there would be no harm in a little cautious optimism every now and again. When you are down, you feel so miserable and could get moody and glum. At such times, seeking a quiet corner where you can hide from the world, might help you 'snap out of' your doldrums.

What are the most positive points of your personality, would you say? Do you agree that your strength lies in your determination to reach your goals. Your ambition pushes you forever onwards and upwards while your independence means you can forge ahead on your own.

You are dependable and trustworthy. If you give a promise, you'll keep to your word, no matter how much self- sacrifice this demands.

You know how to handle money. You'd never fritter it away unnecessarily and your good business sense recognises a profitable venture and knows which risky schemes to avoid.

You are worldly and careful, with great faith in your abilities. Through meditation, forward planning and careful thought, you will rise to success.

But what about your weaknesses? Will you admit to the fact that you can be over-critical? Those sharing your world may feel as if you think they're beneath you because you're always finding faults in them.

You sometimes find it difficult to trust others. This is why you often prefer to get on with things on your own.

The greater you rise, the more confidence you'll develop. However, don't ever let this go to your head. Selfishness will not become you.

And finally, in this section, you can be prone to periods of moodiness. Others will find this difficult to understand when there is often no apparent cause and no amount of cheering you up. They would be best to leave you on your own and you'll come out of your melancholy in your own good time.

Soon I shall give you some tips on how to live a more successful lifestyle, but first I'll tell you the key to your success.

In your younger days, you'll certainly have your flings, just like everyone else. But even in those carefree days you'd never over-estimate your own abilities. Yours, however, is a nature which matures quite early on, to a staid and trustworthy character. The fact that you know your own limitations and set for yourself goals which you KNOW are within your reach is the key to your happiness.

Speak out when you aren't happy. If you give others the false notion that you are satisfied with things when you really would like to make some improvements, then you will only be restricting your progress.

You are willing to accept defeat. In this, you will be able to divert your paths and go after new ambitions. This experience will help you rise to even greater heights.

And now, as promised earlier, here are some tips to follow which will help you achieve the success you're hoping for.

1. The more rungs you climb up the ladder of success, the happier you will be. Don't ever give up trying.
2. You can adjust yourself to any circumstance in order to get ahead but you prefer to have stability. Too much change will upset your equilibrium.
3. Don't bottle all your feelings up inside. A trouble shared, so saying has it, is a trouble halved.
4. Don't become a latter-day Scrooge. A little generosity every now and again won't hurt.
5. A regular source of income is essential. You need to feel you have some security.
6. You like to feel you are in charge. Don't hold back in taking on positions of power or authority. You will handle these well.   

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