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SCORPIO - October 24th - November 22nd
Sometimes, do you feel as if your life is one long struggle to conquer the many challenges that come your way? There's a strong sense of purpose to your life and you will do nothing by halves. It is important that you live life to the full.

You have a depth of passion both in your work and in your play.

Success lies in the basic framework of your personality. Develop your strong points and do something positive about the weaker side of your nature.

Because of your powerful energy, you have hidden depths which others who aren't as emotional as yourself probably will never understand. When properly channelled, this force can give you great qualities of endurance for you will battle, whatever the odds, to win. - You will see everything through to the bitter end, regardless of how much effort or sacrifice it takes.

With your keen sense of observation, there are few things that will escape your notice. You probably find learning easy and you will express yourself well. This makes you a good conversationalist, but it all depends on your mood, for there are times when you prefer to reserve your opinions unless others specifically ask you for them.

You see, you aren't always diplomatic. You prefer to give your opinions and ideas in complete truthfulness and would therefore rather remain silent, then to give a watered down version of your thoughts.

You are a secretive person. Yet you have great personal magnetism. There will always be something exciting and dynamic that attracts others to you.

Earlier I mentioned your strong points. Do you really know these? For instance, your strength lies in your strong will power and determination. This helps you overcome many obstacles when others around you may have given up. You will never be happy until you accomplish everything you set out to do. It won't matter how long or how much effort this will take. Through your perseverance, you will reach your goals.

You have a strength of character that will be admired by others. You know how to put your strong will-power to positive use so your energy will never be wasted.

You may sometimes hold yourself back, preferring to be independent. You know just what it takes to get ahead and you're prepared to give it all you've got.

But do you recognize your debilities? I mean to say, have you really any weaknesses? - You actually despise weakness in yourself, and don't much like to see it in others either. Nevertheless, if anyone comes to you for help, you WILL lend them a helping hand. So long as they don't start taking this too much for granted.

There is also a tendency to bear grudges. You never forget a slight and will do all you can to get even. This is perhaps, not the most attractive aspect of your personality!

Your strong desires can become uncontrollable. It is important that you realise the power behind your thoughts and actions otherwise you could do a lot of damage, both to yourself, and to others.

Soon I shall give you a few tips to get you on the road to success. But first, what's the key? Well, your deepest need is to achieve perfection in everything you do. Whether at work, play, in your home life, social relationships or love-life, you will always strive to get the best you can out of your involvements.

You have an intense drive to investigate the character of things and to get to the root of problems. You would never be content with surface knowledge; you must delve as deep as you possible can. To do so brings you a lot of satisfaction.

You have very strong powers of intuition. You will find you rely on these throughout your life to lead you to the right paths.

Your feelings play an important part in your life but you must not let these colour your judgement.

While you are determined to be master of your own destiny. You know what you want out of life and you aren't content to settle for second best. No matter what the odds, you are out to win. - This positive determination will help you achieve your goals.

Finally, you know how to keep secrets. This can be a great asset when you can keep things under wraps until the right time to bring things out into the open arises.

And now, here are those tips I promised earlier. Follow these and bring success into your life.

1. When others are telling you that you're being stubborn or dogmatic, try to be more flexible. - Do you always have to have the last word?
2. Watch the green-eyed monster! Jealousy and brooding will restrict your success.
3. Your deep emotions are your strongest point but don't let these colour reality.
4. A strong determination to succeed means you sometimes never let-up. Take time to consider your health needs and relax.
5. You work well alone. Some of your best efforts will be solo ones.
6. Material success also means a lot to you. Make your money work for you and you will be intensely happy.   

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