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CAPRICORN - December 22nd - January 20th

Capricorn male ...

He approaches romance in a practical and intellectual manner. He will want to get to know his companion and gradually build up to a love-affair. In love, he can be passionate and above all, will be faithful. He may not be overly demonstrative but he enjoys love relationships and knows how to make his partner feel contented and happy. He will be loyal to his partner and prepared to sacrifice much for his loved ones.

Capricorn Female ...

She will approach a love-affair carefully and seriously. She's not impulsive or impetuous and she'd never rush into a casual relationship. An affair must begin at the beginning (where she can get to know her partner first) before proceeding any further. Once satisfied that she knows her mate she will show how much she cares. She will always be loyal and true to the one she loves.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Capricorn -

Aries - Aries is impetuous and outgoing. This may sometimes interfere with your more serious plans. You can be slightly anti-social. Aries likes to be out and about and doesn't appreciate solitude. There may be no real commitment in this union.

Taurus - You both might share the same ambitions and can be of help to each other. You're equally as hard working and you will inspire each other towards shared goals. Passion is strong. - A good relationship.

Gemini - Gemini is far too restless and freedom-loving for you to feel at home with. You love with your head as much as your heart and you will appreciate Gemini's intelligent ideas. Where you stick at things, Gemini doesn't. You might find them too fickle.

Cancer - Cancer will encourage you in your aims as well as providing a comfortable home life in the bargain! Life with Cancer could however be an emotional roller-coaster. You both want to make each other happy but moodiness could be a problem on both sides.

Leo - Leo will understand your determined attitude towards the more serious side of life. However, they also want to have fun. Leo can be generous and extravagant, never counting the cost. You find this hard to understand. You both enjoy the good things of life but you have to work hard to compromise in other areas.

Virgo - Virgo likes everything to be perfect; you won't argue with that! You share a similar outlook on life. Sexual appetites are similar. Two practical personalities should get on very well together.

Libra - You may find that Libra is a little too easy-going for your liking. They are charming and sociable and you will appreciate their friendliness. But in a close relationship you're looking for commitment and stability. Libra may be unable to provide this.

Scorpio - You will find Scorpio erotic, magnetic and irresistible. If interests conflict, battles could result. You are two very determined people! Generally, there is a high level of compatibility.

Sagittarius - The Archer may be far too adventurous and freedom-loving for your steadfast nature. Sagittarius is a risk-taker whereas you aren't prone to gambling. You prefer life to be predictable and organised. Sagittarius has a preference for the opposite.

Capricorn - If you are working towards the same aims and ambitions, you should get on well together. You share a similar outlook and you want the same thing out of your relationships. There will be loyalty and constancy in this union.

Aquarius - Aquarius will expect their partner to be sexually broad-minded. You may not understand the Aquarius love of an active social life. Not only this but you might never be able to understand the Aquarius full stop!

Pisces - Pisces will be an understanding and demonstrative partner. This should be a happy time for you both. Pisces will benefit from your practical skills. You gain through their creative and imaginative ideas. There are many areas of compatibility.   

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