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TAURUS - April 21st - May 21st

Taurus Male -

Can make his partner feel very much wanted and looked after. He is charming, attractive and one of life's romantics. Taurus will cherish his lover, offering sincerity, faithfulness and stability. He's looking for a partner whose beauty is not just skin deep. He needs a thoughtful, considerate and loving mate who'll keep a comfortable home. They need to understand the possessive (and sometimes jealous) side of his nature.

Taurus female -

She's warm-hearted and quite a charmer. People find her delightful and relaxing to be with. Although romantic, she also has a practical side and in her love-affairs, she's looking for a hard-working and faithful partner. - Someone who'll give her comfort and companionship. - In return, she will be loyal and faithful. She will stand by her lover through thick and thin.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Taurus -

Aries - You prefer to take your time so you could find it hard to understand the headstrong Aries. You're patient and like to go slow whereas Aries is impulsive and raring to go. Aries will inspire you and make you more spirited but you might feel you can't keep up with them!

Taurus - You're both very stubborn but you will each respect the fact that the other knows their own mind! You will share similar goals and outlook. In romance, you're looking for the same: security, stability, contentment. There are many compatible areas.

Gemini - Gemini is fun-loving, changeable and erratic compared with your more calm and stable nature. You take love seriously and you might feel Gemini isn't as earnest about their relationships. You might feel they don't love or care for you as much as you care for them. Restless Gemini will probably try your patience to its limit.

Cancer - You're both sensitive and passionate in your loving. Romance is likely to be all you could wish for. You care about each other. You share similar hopes and dreams. Home-loving Cancer could provide the security you're after. A happy and fulfilling union.

Leo - You're both fond of the good things in life. Obstinacy, however, could be a problem. There are areas of compatibility but two powerful personalities could clash. Leo is extravagant whereas you're usually careful with money. You can however have your spendthrift moments too!

Virgo - Virgo can be critical but you appreciate their careful and cautious ways. You're both practical and security minded. Virgo can be cool where you will be an affectionate and passionate lover. You could always work on ways to warm the Virgo's heart!

Libra - Libra is vague where you are rational. Libra is untidy where you like everything in its place. You're both ruled by Venus and there should be areas of compatibility. But it's unlikely you'll find paradise together.

Scorpio - You're both serious about love and romance. You place a lot of importance on your relationships and there will be trust, loyalty and devotion in this union. Two opposites should get on well together. There's also physical compatibility.

Sagittarius - Too much excitement will make you feel slightly uncomfortable and in need of a rest. Sagittarius is adventurous and rarely stops. The Archer might be a shade too independent and YOU can be quite possessive - admit it!

Capricorn - It'll take time for this relationship to grow. Slow is good for you both. Capricorn may not be too demonstrative at first, but get to know them better and you could be surprised at what's underneath!

Aquarius - You might have trouble understanding the Aquarian's commitment to groups, friendships and areas outside your relationship. Aquarius is as independent as you are possessive! A relationship built on shaky foundations.

Pisces - Pisces is romantic, sensitive, emotional. In this relationship, you will feel safe and secure. You will respect their creativity and imagination. - A loyal and very affectionate relationship. Likely to be long-lasting.   

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