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VIRGO - August 24th - September 23rd
The 1st is the time to focus on the best ways to turn ideas into reality and to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that this brings. There is a sense of a new maturity being reached in more than one area of your life. The New Moon will open doors on the 9th that were locked to you in the past. Go with a strong desire to be active and you can and will make things happen. If you are travelling on the 16th, check your mobile is fully charged before leaving. That way you can notify anyone who is expecting you if you are delayed. Venturing into the unknown on the 21st will be stimulating and you could find yourself developing an interest in subjects that never held your attention before. Put in some overtime on the Full Moon on the 24th if you could do with some extra money. No data available for this date. [wtag1]0905 506 6789   

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