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LEO - July 24th - August 23rd
The key to your health and vitality is in the stars. First of all, let me tell you what the astro-guide says about the Leo's health: Fire signs are lively and energetic and Leos are no exception. Their bodies are quite muscular and it won't be until their middle years before their waistline starts showing evidence of their love of good food. Leos are often social drinkers and their hearty appetites can sometimes be too much for their metabolism to cope with.

The trouble is, it's 'only the best' for Leos but the finest quality foods aren't always the healthiest ones. Leos are not lazy and they do have a natural interest in health and fitness. If everyday commitments don't make time for regular exercise, they should do something sensible about it. What good is generously giving to everyone else yet totally ignoring their own health needs? Their stressful lifestyles can lead to exhaustion, back complaints, chest pains and heart disease. Aerobics, jogging, body building and weight-lifting or even regular brisk walks will help Leos to keep in trim.

Leos have a strong and healthy constitution and a good resistance to illness. But they should never take their good health for granted. They are determined to enjoy life to the full and often won't even stop to consider what their love of good food and wine is doing to the health. Maybe it will take a few stern words from the doctor to get them thinking about the future!

Despite their excellent stamina, Leos should make it a policy to use moderation in all areas of their lives. Leo rules the heart and unless they stick to sensible eating habits, cut down on fats and avoid physical strain, heart and circulatory problems may result.

And what about exercise? An active social life just won't do. Leos will enjoy team sport, weight training, body-building and swimming. One thing is for certain, whatever form of exercise they choose, in typical Leo fashion, they're sure to be the best at it.

A stressful life-style, tension and emotional strain will all take their toll on the Leo's health. Sunshine and plenty of fresh air will do wonders to bring back their natural sparkle.

Let's talk now about the Leo's diet and the protein in lean meat, eggs and cheese provide fuel for the active Leo lifestyle. But high cholesterol levels are a real danger if they don't reduce their intake of saturated fats. Leos don't have a sweet tooth as such but they won't say "no" to a large 'T' bone steak or a roast with all the trimmings. Dieting is difficult although they may consider a calorie-counted diet if they can still enjoy a small treat at least once a week.

Leos love food and of all the zodiac signs, they are the children of the Sun. Such a heady combination means that there is nothing better for them than to follow a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in olive oil (which is so good for a health heart). And there is such an exciting range of tastes to choose from in a diet such as this. Like Ariens, however, they need to maintain their energy level with potassium-rich foods especially fresh citrus fruit. Leos also must try to keep their blood as healthy as they possibly can with plenty of iron and magnesium. They'll find this in wheat and oat bran.

One other way of relaxing is through travel. Leos love having fun and they adore the sun. If they had their way, they'd probably have a villa in Spain, or a condo in Florida where they can escape to whenever they got the chance. Once they've found the place that suits them best, they'll tend to opt for it year after year. Leos love luxury and the good things in life and they like to travel in style. Leos who can afford it will choose to travel first class and to stay in the best hotels. Well, if they're going on holiday, you might as well push the boat out!

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