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GEMINI - May 22nd - June 21st

Gemini male -

As a lover, Gemini is pleasant, charming and amusing. There's never a dull moment with him around! His partner must understand his need for freedom and variety. He needs lots of room in a relationship. He's good with words and he's quite a charmer. He tells his lover all they want to hear ... but does he truly mean it?

Gemini female -

She is flirtatious, easy-going and full of fun. Her relationships are lively and exciting although her restlessness can sometimes cause problems. At times she can be loving and attentive. Other times, she is not so warm and you may say things she later regrets. Friendship is as important as romance. She needs an intelligent partner; someone she can look up to and who will share her many interests.

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Gemini -

Aries - A relationship that could never be described as boring. There are lots of similarities. You're both out to have fun and you will find this with each other. An exciting, interesting and inspiring union.

Taurus - It's not easy for you to understand the Taurean's attitude to love. Taurus wants a good solid relationship. Their possessiveness could be aroused when your many interests and activities infringe on the time Taurus expects to be spending with you. Expect problems.

Gemini - There will be a mutual sharing of interests and an understanding of each others' changing needs. You will be especially well suited, sexually and there will be a positive meeting of minds! A good partnership. You will both get a lot out of it.

Cancer - Cancer is romantic, loving and demonstrative. They need an outlet for their creative and sexual expression. You are imaginative but your minds aren't always in tune. Cancer will provide a good home for you, if that's where you want to lay your hat!

Leo - Two outgoing and independent natures could perhaps get on well together. You will both enjoy indulging in romantic fancy. Sexually, Leo's appetite is well developed. You might find them a little too lusty for your taste. Great friendship but perhaps not so physically compatible.

Virgo - Intellectual interests could be shared as long as Virgo does not criticise. Virgo's approach to life is basically practical and sensible. Their world is a well-structured and organised place. You might find this too confining. You may prefer more flexibility. There needs to be a lot of give-and-take in this union.

Libra - You will be impressed with Libra's imagination. You could share some exciting moments together. You have similar outlook and attitudes. In fact there will be many mutual interests and mutual desires. - A good combination.

Scorpio - Scorpio might be too stable an influence for your innate restlessness. Your outlook is quite dissimilar as you will soon find out. Scorpio is serious about most anything that takes their fancy ... including romance. You are more easy-going. A complex relationship.

Sagittarius - Two individual natures of opposite signs could form a compatible relationship.
Sagittarius is adventurous, fun-loving and as versatile as you. A strong physical attraction is likely and you will feel at ease with each other.

Capricorn - To get to know the real Capricorn, you need to get past their cool exterior. There could however be clashes of priorities in this affair. It will need hard work from both partners for it to last! Capricorn is as composed as you are restless.

Aquarius - Both enjoy a social, out-going way of life. In this romance you will benefit from fun, variety, new experiences and good conversation. Even though Aqua values their independence, you should get on very well together.

Pisces - Pisces is expressive, sensitive and sometimes elusive. You're both imaginative and thoughtful. You will have some wild times together but Pisces may eventually prove a little too emotional and sensitive for your liking.   

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