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LEO - July 24th - August 23rd

Leo male ...

He is serious when it comes to loving and it's important for Leo to love and to feel loved in return. Because of this, he is a warm-hearted and passionate lover who will lavish his partner with extravagant gifts. He has lots of sex-appeal and he knows how to make people feel cherished and appreciated. He is attentive, passionate and generous in his loving.

Leo female ...

She doesn't find it difficult to attract lovers; people find her attractive and charming to be with. When in the company of other women, she is the one who stands out in a crowd. She adores parties, luxury and beautiful clothing. She's looking for a handsome and perhaps even outstanding partner!

Astro-Attraction - How the other signs get on with Leo -

Aries - A good relationship. You will support Aries through all their plans and ideas though expect trouble if disagreements occur. You both have strong personalities so there is nothing light-hearted about this union. It will be fun and challenging while it lasts.

Taurus - Taurus is looking for stability, constancy and financial security. As long as Taurus is not too possessive this relationship could be quite a satisfying experience. There should be some physical compatibility and reasonable good friendship. Both however can be as stubborn as the other!

Gemini - Gemini is more interested in friendship. You prefer the physical side of romance. Gemini will be an imaginative and creative lover but perhaps not unruly enough for your more brutal passion! Many shared activities in this fun relationship but could be more passionate don't you think?

Cancer - Maybe this union could work but you'll find it hard to understand Cancer's constantly changing moods. Cancer is deeply emotional and sensitive. You're more practical and down-to-earth. A lot of effort is needed to make this relationship a success.

Leo - Two Leos together are likely to share interests and a variety of activities. You will both be popular and will have many mutual friends. There is physical compatibility too. However, two dominant natures will make for a fiery relationship.

Virgo - You can be extravagant and full of fun. You want to enjoy life and you will hate to feel you're with someone who doesn't appreciate your exuberance and high-spirits. Virgo may be far too serious-minded for your more fun-loving nature. A complicated partnership.

Libra - You can share quite a few interests but Libra takes a long time to make decisions. - Can you wait? There will be a degree of sexual compatibility although you prefer physical togetherness whereas Libra can be more refined.

Scorpio - Scorpio is rather possessive and jealous of your friendships. You will respect Scorpio's seriousness and determination but it will be a tense union. Physically, you will have your fun moments but you both need emotional togetherness too. You might not find this in each other.

Sagittarius - Two lovers of excitement and adventure are bound to get on well together. Your sex life will be active and exciting and you should enjoy some dramatic scenes both inside and out of the bedroom! A fiery and fun-filled romance.

Capricorn - There will be conflicting attitudes and quarrels are inevitable. Capricorn is careful, cool and sometimes aloof. You are generous and giving. Your sexual appetites might differ and emotionally, you can't seem to meet.

Aquarius - You will learn what individuality is all about when with an Aquarian. Life will never be boring and you will share similar interests. However, don't expect your Aqua to be as loving and demonstrative as you are.

Pisces- Pisces may be able to fulfil your needs in a love-relationship, but conflicts may arise. Pisces wants passion and lots of it. They expect affection, warmth and friendliness in romance. You can supply all of the above but you will want a degree of freedom too. Pisces might be unwilling to let go.   

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