2012 Health

2012 Health

41811065doctorSo how goes your 2012 health? Are you already stressed out notwithstanding your New Year’s resolution not to allow gastritis, cystitis, migraines and chronic in-growing toenails get to you? You are more than aware of your past eating habits and how you gained 10 pounds as a result of them! You have now cut down on choccies and sweets and are running around the block at the break of dawn, in fact you are following the “book to the letter” when it comes to 2012 health matters. You also have your blood tested regularly and will be popping into the doctor’s surgery for twice yearly checkups. So your 2012 health picture is basically not doing too badly, your doc actually winked at you only the other day, jokingly of course. Or perhaps he was just being supercilious! But then of course, when it comes to the nerves you are walking on a high wire! Notwithstanding all the attention you are paying to the “greens” you still scream blue murder at the local traffic warden, your company’s receptionist when she paints her nails as the phones ring and life in general. So what gives? Are you going to let your 2012 health picture fall down due to just one factor….nerves?!

Don’t reach for the creme de menthe, try not to despair, for there are solutions and one of them is the famed laughing yoga. Laughing Yoga is all about getting together with a group of hopefuls, who simply start chortling at just about anything! Your face for example! Just think what sweet revenge it would be to scream with laughter when the local traffic warden writes out your 25th parking ticket in a month, when the bank manager refuses your loan request and when your car breaks down in the midst of a shopping mall traffic jam! In fact, you could join in the laughing yoga fad and roll around with best of them, so much so that your 2012 health will probably improve in the emotional areas, well up to the dreaded 2012 anyway,

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga has even started up a tourism concern in Israel which has now celebrated its 15th anniversary and in the meantime has become a global event! Just imagine thousands of people just sitting around laughing for the sake of it. Think of the noise, the sheer madness! Noga Ilan of Tel Aviv says “I feel I am not alone in the world anymore. With so many Laughter Yoga missionaries, the world cannot be a place of desperation!” Laughter Yoga congresses incorporate the motto “Live, love, laugh!” so they leave you room for manoeuvre when it comes to comic antics, think of it you could even meet your soul mate at a Laughter Yoga Workshop, they would be the one rolling their head back, guffawing as they point furiously at you. Actually, these congresses were initiated by Gabriela Leppelt Remmel who runs laughter clubs and the School of Laughter Yoga in Hamburg,

Jenine of South Africa is another believer, she says, “I conduct laughter sessions at homes for the aged, schools and for underprivileged children, and societies, I also support groups, hospices, HIV and cancer sufferers, community projects and more, for no financial return. Last week I conducted my first laughter workshop and laughing session at a high security prison, it was their first experience of a laughter session.”

Laughter Yoga addicts have been known to circulate on the tube during rush hour. Apparently, they start screaming, chortling, hiccupping and rolling around with so much laughter various commuters have been known to throw wobbles of frustration, such as tearing their hair out, but then after while succumbed to the general hilarity, and were seen literally grasping their bellies, and throwing their angst and attach cases to the four winds! As the Pink Floyd might so rightly say, better than being “comfortably numb!” with that archetypal “robot man” expression..

So don’t worry about that 2012 health of yours, a quick laughter stint in your doc’s waiting room should have you in fine fettle, that is if you are not laughing on your own in the little yellow van that comes to take you away! We are only kidding!